Breakfast in the park & what we wore

photo(305)As I mentioned yesterday, we had a lovely ad hoc breakfast in the park last Saturday and I managed to take a few photos in amongst all the scoffing and mucking about. Greig announced at about 7am that morning (we were all awake as usual) that we should grab some pastries and eat them in the Valley Gardens before it got too hot and crowded. This of course had nothing to do with the fact that the cupboards were bare and we needed to go shopping. So we packed up a flask of tea, bought some pain au chocolat and strawberries en route and arrived at the park while the sun was still soaking up the dew.

P1030527 P1030572 bw P1030536 P1030541 P1030542P1030578 P1030586 bw P1030580 Summer in the Valley Gardens is lovely (well it is all year round really). It’s always full of flowers and we usually picnic somewhere near the Sun Pavillion (the building behind Greig in the photo above) because it’s where we had our wedding reception and it will always be special. Fuelled with bread, chocolate and fruit (breakfast of champions), we had a game of Stuck in the Mud (Charlie’s favourite). Slowly but surely Florence and Bea start to remove nearly all items of clothing as usual and when I try to get an outfit shot I inevitably get photobombed!P1030584 2

P1030618 P1030605P1030616P1030603 bwP1030621Outfit details:

Me: T-shirt: New Look (really old, similar here) / Skirt: vintage (similar here) / Shoes: Sun Jellies / Bag c/o Flights of Nancy / Sunglasses: Accessorize.

Greig: T-shirt (can’t remember, similar here) / Shorts: Matalan / Hat: Marks and Spencer


Style Me Sunday //

What lovely idea to take breakfast to the park. And you look stunning – love your outfit. I also have a thing for sun jellies! Thanks so much for linking, look forward to seeing your fabulous posts in the future. #streetstylesunday

Eleanor (thebristolparent) //

I love this idea, just getting up and breakfasting outdoors. I think it’d just be me and the baby though, husband does tend to love a weekend lie in (by which of course I mean 8am!)

Kathryn //

It was more like about 9am by the time we fannied about getting dressed, buying food and getting to the park, to be honest!

Laura //

Really love your cute Mickey tee and I think breakfast in the park is such blissful idea it’s going on my “summer list” of things to do before the season changes 🙂

Laura x

Mel Wiggins //

Geeeez, I love that skirt! The pattern & colour are so beautiful. You work print mixing so well. And now I’m wondering why the hell I don’t have any sunjellies yet?!

Alice //

Oh my gosh. When did you all grow up? I feel like I’ve missed a massive chunk of your lifes, which makes me a little sad.
Florence has blossomed into such a beautiful little thing, I remember when she was still in your tummy! It’s good to see you still rock florals the ‘Kat’ way.

p.s We all know the way to a girls heart is Mickey Mouse.

Long time no speak, I’ve missed you.
Alice x

Anonymous //

Seriously, who gives a shit? Get your head out of your arse woman. Your blog is dull and unoriginal, you are bland and smug and your outfit in this post is bloody awful. Just shut up and go away.

Vicky //

Two things, Anonymous; firstly, you’re a cretin with nothing better to do than hide behind a keyboard and abuse people more successful / more attractive / more pleasant than you. Secondly, quite a few people ‘give a shit’, you pleb, which is why Kat manages to be a full-time blogger. Jealousy is an ugly trait, you have the personality of a turd and probably a face to match – but we’ll never know as you prefer to hide your identity, the same way most trolls do. Bore off, you moron.

Mrs Mosscockle //

Oh dear, Anon, huge apologies for tying you to that chair, grabbing your head and forcing it in the direction of this post. I failed to foresee the discomfort and anxiety it would cause you, which was remiss. I’ll pop along shortly to untie you, poor poppet.


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