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Kat got the cream blogWhat is a blog hop?

I love the idea of a good blog hop, although it’s been a long time since I took part in one. Essentially it’s a great way to meet and introduce others to new blogs and is one of the things that I love most about the blogging community. Big thanks for the nomination from the lovely Vicky at The owl and the Accordion. So here are my answers to the set questions:

1. What have been the doings/makings/scribblings at your desk this week?

River Cottage bread makingHmm, last week was a little (a lot) out of the norm for me but it was a really inspirational and creative few days. I was lucky enough to be invited along by Boden on a press trip down in Dorset. One day was spent learning how to make bread and other treats at River Cottage; Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s cookery school. The next day we went to visit the beautiful Mapperton Gardens where we learned how to gather and arrange wild flowers with the British Flower School. Both of these activities were right up my street and it was great to be able to bring home my own handmade loaf and bouquet as souvenirs.

wild Flower arranging

Can I just add that this is by no means my average week – far from it! Most weeks I am just trying to squeeze in a bit of freelance writing / blogging around the kiddos and if I get anything creative done it’s a bonus. I’m in the process of making over our 8 year old, Charlie’s bedroom, which has involved painting his door with chalkboard paint and customising a paper lantern, amongst other little projects.

image_32.Where are you currently finding your inspiration? (Influences, heroes, sources of inspiration, paths exploring)?

I like to read a few different magazines including Oh Comely, Betty and Mollie Makes as well as Stylist magazine, which my husband Greig brings home from his commute. I also subscribe to daily emails from Emerald Street, which always has something to interest me and is brilliantly written.

I try to get outside and walk loads, with or without the kids in tow. It’s the best way to clear your head and with that in mind I’ve just started running. I need to exercise, otherwise I just become a little pent up ball of stress. And heading out with your camera is a great way to prompt yourself to notice the little things. (NB: I don’t run with a camera – ha!).


3. How important is being creative to you, and how do you blend this with your work / life / family balance?

I always feel good when I’ve made something myself or with the kids. We just threw a kids’ birthday party at home and the best bit was making the decorations and games ourselves and getting the kids involved. I think we all got a lot out of it, even though it was a bit more effort.

I’m going to sound a bit evangelical about blogging now, but I really think that one of the best things to come out of having a blog is the fact it motivates me to make and do more. So in that sense, writing, taking photographs, making stuff, having experiences and blogging in general is all part of my creative life/work now and luckily that fits in pretty well around the family too. I just have to remind myself that not everything has to be about the blog. Sometimes it’s nice to just be and live in that moment too.


And now on to my nominations:

Mel Wiggins

I love Mel’s writing and her blog is a great combination of honest, heartwarming moments from her life with her little boy Levi as well as thought-provoking debate on the issues that matter to her. Her regular feature Fresh Finds Friday is a great round-up of inspiration each week. She also has a killer Instagram feed!

Margot and Barbara

Elizabeth’s blog always gives me plenty to think about too, from her regular feature The Good Things to discussions about learning and being a Multipotentialite (to find out more, have a read!). Also, I just love the fact she named her blog after The Good Life’s Margot and Barbara (because she’s always one or the other) – I think we can all identify with that!

Β Both nominees will be posting their answers on Monday 21st so keep a look out!




Jess @ Along Came Cherry //

I can completely relate to how blogging motivates you to do more. I’m always making things with the kids for my blog, I even cook and clean my house occasionally too if I need to take photos of something πŸ˜‰ x

Chiara //

I’m with you, blogging is really motivational and I can’t believe the opportunities it’s opened up for me. Great post and I love the idea of blog hopping! Cx

Elizabeth Holdsworth //

Hello! Firstly – thank you SO much for the nomination, I am very chuffed to be involved in this. I love your site, so it’s a real honour that you’ve asked me to write about my life too.

You inspirations, work/family/life/blogging balance all sound incredibly familiar – we even share the same taste in magazines!

The Boden trip sounds wonderful, they couldn’t have chosen a better blogger to be an ambassador for their brand.

While I’m here – how is the chalkboard paint in your son’s room working out? I’m really tempted to paint a chunk of my kids’ bedroom wall in chalkboard paint for them to scribble on. Can’t decide if it’s a genius idea or one that I’ll regret forever…

Kathryn //

Ah funny you should ask, I’ve just sent my photos of the finished project to Laura Ashley who will be posting about it on their blog soon. It worked a treat (using their paint) and Charlie seemed dead chuffed with the result. Painting the panels of the back of his door seemed less of a commitment than doing a whole wall…
P.S. Thanks so much for your kind comments lovely – my pleasure! X

Fritha Strickland //

I so agree that blogging motivates you to do more. I think it’s actually made me a better person, it gives me that push to try things, or make that extra effort. I love Mel’s blog too! xx

Laura //

Great blog hope interview – I love them as I get to learn a little bit more about the blogger behind the blog every time. Wow learning to make bread at River Cottage, that must have been amazing – I have a few of his books – love them

Laura x


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