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I always used to dream of making my kids’ rooms into cute, Elle Deco-worthy, modern vintage havens – pah! I’ve still managed to crowbar the odd bit of second-hand funiture in but, for the most part, their bedrooms are messy but colourful homages to Ikea – which is totally fine by me! The bed thing is tricky you see. I’d love to source a charming post-Victorian hospital bed (!) but they’re not so good on the space-saving front and we have three kids. So bunk beds it is.

However, a quick pinning session reassures me that the practical option can still look cool. How about these?

bunk bedsImage source:

Kids high sleeper bedsImage source:

boys roomImage source:

diy bunk bedImage via here

Okay so that last one is clearly the work of a competitive dad/professional joiner. I think Greig would have a heart attack if I asked him to build us one of those.

 Disclosure: collaborative post

P.S. We’ve nearly finished making over Charlie’s room so on a nice bright day I’ll get it photographed and share it soon.


P.P.S. I’ve been nominated for an award (yay). If you could spare two ticks to vote for me that would be great. Details here

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abigail //

We just bought Theo a high bed and he loves it, they’re so great for space saving! Love the idea of bunk beds too, I shared with my sister for years.

Jess @ Along Came Cherry //

I love the top one. I have actually asked Matt to build the kids a bed, he could totally do it but by the time he gets around to it they will probably be about 16 so we will prob just end up buying some bunk beds! x

SJ //

Congrats on your award nomination, that’s great news! I always wanted bunk beds as a child but wasn’t allowed because my parents (correctly) predicted that I’d never bother to make my bed – sob!

Adele @ Circus Queen //

I’ve got loads of ideas just looking through this post! We have an IKEA half bunk and are getting ready to buy a mattress to go under it so the girls can share a room (at least for the first sleep of the night before Ophelia comes into bed with us).

Claire //

They’re great. I’m the same and fantasize about a pretty room with one single bed but in reality bunks and trundle beds are needed here too. I love the new ones which are storage too. So space saving. Great post. x


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