Is it too early to mention the A-word? Oh well, I’m going in. It’s time to start loading Autumn and I am ready for a seasonal shift. At least I will be, with a few of the above items. Think of this as much as a To Do list as a wish list and you’ll be all set too!


Jam / Honey Fern ring / Jeans /mslexia magazinePie Set /  knitting kit / pencils /

I think we can safely say that Summer 2018 has been a resounding success weather-wise and it’s been a joy to have so many lovely long, hot days in the UK this year. And I know there will be some people reading this who would love it to be Summer forever but one of the things I like about this country is its defined seasons. Okay, winter can go on a bit for my liking but Autumn. Oh Autumn, it’s just the best. And this is why. Legitimate eating of copious amounts of things on toast. Sweaters. Being able to wear my beloved beanie hats on permanent rotation. Crisp sunshine and brisk mornings. The colours. My birthday in October. Being able to walk everywhere (as I do most of the year) without feeling hot and bothered within five minutes. Fruit crumble, crafting, Sunday night cosy dramas…

First up, I think Autumn is a great excuse to update your wardrobe with a couple of key new pieces. Jeans are a cornerstone and like most people I do tend to live in mine during the colder months. These Levi 301 jeans from Simply Be have a special shaping technology that gives the look of a jean with the comfort of leggings – perfect for fitting into winter boots too! Check out other denim styles here.

I’m a fan of jam all year round but it really comes into its own in Autumn. Think toasted crumpets by the fire. I’ve just discovered London borough of Jam which definitely makes jam cool with some of the most amazing flavours. Blackberry and Cacao nib anyone? I also quite fancy that tote bag.

Treat yourself to something pretty and shiny as the days begin to shorten. This Honey Fern ring from Alex Monroe – one of my favourite jewellery designers – is a lovely warm colour and will brighten up a thick woolley jumper.

I think Autumn is the time when we turn a little more inward. It’s less about physical outdoor pursuits and more about interior thoughts. If you like writing of any kind and want to do more of it, mslexia writing magazine is full of useful advice, inspiration and prompts. I have a subscription to this bi-monthly mag and it’s a really good read.

Pies. Need I say more? Autumn is the season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and pies. Preferably fruit ones. Make them as stylish as they are tasty with a classic enamelware set from Falcon.

If writing isn’t your thing but you’d like to hunker down on the sofa and do something creative, knitting is a good way to start. Slow, methodical activities are proven to be good for mental health and you have something lovely to show for it. I’m a pretty basic knitter but even I can manage a beginner level scarf and I recommend a we are knitters kit.

And finally, stationery. Look, I could fill a whole Autumn post on just stationery alone. It’s all about the back-to-school feeling and when the second half of my MA course kicks off in September I will be stocking up on new notebooks. In the meantime, I fancy something a bit special like these mustard pencils from Katie Leamon.

What’s on your Autumn to-do list?



Disclosure: this is a collaborative post


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