All I want for Christmas is – Part Two

Christmas decoratingA little while ago, I was fantasising on the blog about the one thing that would be top of my gift wish list this Christmas (a sofa bed so we could finally offer a place to sleep for guests). And look what the John Lewis elves sent me! I know, I know it felt like all my Christmases had come at once and we are super grateful.sofabed

The kids have been surprisingly giddy about the arrival of this new piece of furniture too, maybe because we’ve put it in our back room, which also doubles as their play room so they wasted no time in commandeering it. Actually it’s a really lovely size for all three of them to cuddle up on together. But when we opened it up and transformed it into a bed we were surprised at how big it extended. The kids were so excited about this ‘magic’ sofa that we let them get in and watch a film under a duvet, so it’s already had a bit of a test drive.

On Saturday morning I decided we should try and get a photo of all five of us while we were still in our PJs and there was at least a bit of light, so we set up the camera on timer and well you can imagine the ensuing chaos. I have hundreds of pictures of Greig’s behind and the kids in varying degrees of hilarity/misery. Nevertheless, big thanks to John Lewis for making our home feel even more special this year.

Kids on sofa John Lewis sofa Two seater sofa bedAnyway, this will probably be my last post for a little while so please accept it as a happy Christmas card from all of us and a big thank you to everyone who reads the blog. You’ve all made my year!Me and greigJohn Lewis sofa bed

family 2And finally I just want to say, at the risk of sounding cheesy, that I know there may be a lot of things we all want for Christmas (myself included) but there really is only one thing I actually need and that’s my little gang; Greig and the kids. Hope you have a wonderful break with your loved ones and I’ll see you on the other side.



Polly //

aw what a lovely gift! My girls love our sofa bed…. for some reason it’s so exciting to play on lol

Hope you all have a great Christmas xx

Sarah //

Merry Christmas and a big thank you for all your inspirational,cosy and fun posts throughout the year. Looking forward to the next. xx

Kathryn //

Thanks so much for reading Sarah – I really appreciate your sweet comment. Have a great Christmas xx

Katie B //

Hurrah! Now that is a good idea for a wish list, looks very comfy indeed! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas a great start to the New Year! x

Laura //

First of all you have such a cute family and I love these family photos and secondly how neat and chic is that sofa bed!! We really need to get one as well as we currently have no space or spare bed for guests and it’s so handy to have

Laura x

Lori //

What a great gift! I love the colour and glad that all the family can enjoy it! I’m on the look out for a sofa bed for my folks house for when we stay over. Will have to check them out at JL. x

Gill Crawshaw //

Such a lovely post! Anything that involves wearing pyjamas gets the thumbs up from me. And how nice is the sofa bed? We have an Ikea one that’s not great to sit on, let alone sleep on…

Jenna Stobbs //

I love these photos and I love you guys and I love just how much you two love each other. Xxxxx are you feeling the love? Xxxxxx


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