It’s all very well writing about what I would wear to a wedding – here’s what I actually did.

IMG_5644The light was fading, it was a good hour or so after the speeches and these photos were snapped on my phone by a husband whose trigger finger wasn’t quite at its best but you get the general idea. Greig and I went to a lovely wedding last weekend at a beautiful venue to see one of his uni mates happily married. I’d had a general idea in my head of what I was going to wear (depending on the weather) but I hadn’t really thought that much about it the week before what with half term and a camping break to pack in beforehand.IMG_5633I’ve had this silky floral jumpsuit from Anthropologie for a year and admittedly it had hung in my wardrobe unworn since last summer. It’s the sort of thing I could never let go of as it’s quite fabulous but needs an occasion equal to it. So, given that the weather down south was warming up nicely I thought this was the perfect opportunity. I just wasn’t sure what I was going to wear with it. It needed something to make it look a bit more formal, at least until we sat down to eat / hit the dance floor.IMG_5640With a vague idea in my head that I might wear black shoes, I decided a black jacket was in order. And it would give me a nice excuse to pick up a simple black blazer or something which would come in handy as an extra jacket this summer. A quick detour in H&M (so often my saviour and my ruin, that shop), £20 handed over and I had just what I was looking for. This one is slightly longer which I think is flattering and just looks less workwear. Plus, I know I sound like a stuck record, but will go with jeans, cropped trousers and long skirts/dresses all summer long.IMG_5634Again, these Jemima Vine shoes I’ve had since last year, as with the black bag (Cath Kidston), but both felt about the right height/size/style so I was good to go. I quite like a mid / block heel because you can dance in them, you don’t sink into the lawn and I didn’t have a single blister the next day. This year’s trend for the granny/glove shoe means there are plenty like this still in the shops in anything from black and grey to silver and animal print (I like these ones from New Look). Go as demure or as wild as you like. Personally I quite like clashing prints. And as for the handbag, I know it’s tempting to go for a pretty clutch but then I find myself juggling a glass of champagne with a camera and confetti. Save yourself the hassle and take one that can be worn on the shoulder or across the body.IMG_5652But what I loved about this outfit was its ease. It was like wearing a pair of silky pyjamas all day; soft, floaty, cool, light but not clingy or tight, so I could eat and drink merrily. And well, predictable as it may be, florals at a summer wedding are nice aren’t they? I wrote a post a little while ago about my ideal wedding guest outfit – it’s here if you fancy a read – and I still hold true to every word. I love jumpsuits but I know they’re not for everyone. So if not, maybe try a floaty floral dress with the same vibe. This one from Topshop is flying off the rails at the moment.



Lori //

Love a good wedding outfit and this i soooo pretty! I would probably where this any excuse I had! x

Kathryn //

Thanks Lori. Im going to make an effort to wear it more this summer for sure! X


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