A new weekend ritual

espresso makerWhile I’m always going to be a tea drinker at heart, I do love my coffee too, especially a ‘proper’ one, preferably made in an authentically European looking cafe with lots of shiny chrome and accompanied by loud and atmospheric coffee-making noises like the banging out of coffee grounds and the frothing of milk: nice (but not always possible sadly).

At the weekend, we try to have slow breakfasts usually involving boiled eggs and soldiers (which the kids love) but also a good cup of coffee made on the stove. That whole ritual has just got a little bit more authentic since we were gifted this amazing ROK espresso maker by Selfridges as part of their Be the Barista campaign (yes Greig was very excited). It looks rather fancy but in reality couldn’t be simpler. All you do is press ground coffee into the portafilter (technical term) and attach, pour freshly boiled water from the kettle in to the top and gently raise the arms. Then place a cup under the portafilter, squeeze the arms down and you have a nice rich espresso – single or double shot, it’s up to you.

barista style coffee maker ROK coffee machineeasy espresso makerThe brilliant thing is, you really do feel a bit like a real barista because it’s quite hands-on but at the same time, mega quick and easy. The idea is you can make connoisseur coffee the way you like it by choosing the coffee you want and controlling the concentration of pressure and flavour. As you can imagine, all of this really appeals to Greig and he loved playing with this new toy. Oh and it comes with a milk frother too (deep joy) which means I got a nice cappuccino style coffee, which is more my cup of tea (if you know what I mean).

ROK espresso maker ROK I have to say, the other thing I love about this espresso maker is that it looks incredible. Design-led yet certainly not style over substance, it’s the sort of gadget I don’t mind giving counter space to at all. The real beauty is, you can put it wherever you like as it doesn’t need to be plugged in.

And it’s nice and shiny (just like in a real cafe).


Disclosure: we were gifted this espresso maker for review purposes. As always, all opinions are honest and my own.





lori //

Basically I NEED this in my house! It looks so so good and I am a total coffee addict! Of to check out it out in John Lewis! x

Alison //

Nice! We have one of those coffee machines that uses teabag like pods, but this looks like a proper bad boy! And it’s so shiny. Your weekend ritual sounds lovely too…

Lemon Freckles //

Wow! It is actually beautiful and I love that you don’t need to plug it in. We’re saving some pennies to have a new kitchen over the next year, maybe I will have to add this to the wish list. 😉 x

Fritha Strickland //

I LOVE the look of it! We have a coffee machine but it doesn’t look half as nice as this beauty. I do love to hear the click of it whirring into action when I get back from the nursery run mmmm coffee x

Laura //

Oh wow how amazing is this espresso maker – haven’t seen one like this before but I love the retro design to it and it’s truly beautiful – bet the coffee was amazing too

Laura x


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