What happens when you push yourself out of your sartorial comfort zone and wear something that scares you just a little bit? That’s how I felt when I wore this pink suit the other day. 

Outfit details: Jacket & Trousers: Matalan / T-shirt: M&S / Sunglasses: Topshop / Bag: Zara / Trainers: Seven Boot Lane

I recently developed a mild obsession with the idea of a pink suit. I’m not sure exactly where this penchant came from but like most people I am very suggestible, so I must have seen one doing the rounds online somewhere. And then I wrote this post, as a justification to myself that a pink suit was not just a flight of fancy or a moment of madness, but did actually constitute a worthy investment with lots of versatility and wears to be had.

And after a bit of shopping around and trying on, I bought one (mine is from Matalan but there are lots of others available, which I linked to in my previous post). So on the next sunny day off with the mister, I wore my new pink suit. This was not before standing in front of the mirror, having vague misgivings. Is the colour unflattering? Do my thighs look like uncooked sausages? Will I resemble Mr Blobby, minus the yellow spots and bow tie? Is it too dressy/formal for a lunch date? Do I just look silly? NB: I am well aware that some of you might well be agreeing with any or all of those statements.

In the end, I went for it and decided to play it down with trainers, a tee and sunnies plus my new red bag, which I hoped would be a distraction from my overall pinkness. As I said before, there’s something about a suit that immediately makes you look like you’ve tried (I guess that’s why we wear them to work, weddings and interviews). But can you wear one for everyday without looking a bit too try hard?

At first, I did feel quite self-conscious. After all this isn’t my usual, every day attire. But that’s just the point isn’t it? Sometimes you have to try something different to make you feel special (or wear something special to make you look different). After a while, I just relaxed into it. The sun was shining, I was walking hand-in-hand with my man and I felt pretty good. It’s true, you probably do get a bit more attention when you dress like this but it’s just an outfit, they’re just clothes. Who knows, I might have been at a wedding or an interview or maybe that day was just enough of an occasion to wear a suit for its own sake. Because I like it, because it suits me (I *think*) and because life is just too bloody short not to.

The funny thing is, that most people presume that I’m a really confident person. It stands to reason doesn’t it? After all, I take photos of myself and stick them on the internet. I must be so sure of myself, some might even say arrogant. But I’m not, I’m actually quite shy in some situations and writing this blog often makes me feel vulnerable. But I guess I find fashion too fun not to share and clothes give me confidence.

I’ve always loved the empowering feeling that clothing can give you. Since my first pair of red shoes as a kid, it’s a visceral emotion I can clearly remember.  I also understand that some people just don’t get that and, for them, clothes are purely functional things. I respect that too. But as the saying goes, we should try to do something that scares us everyday. And for me, fashion should be fun, slightly frivolous and a bit experimental at times. Bottom line: if you want to wear something, but maybe you’re not sure, I think you should just go for it. You might be surprised at how good it makes you feel. And as long as you like it, who gives a stuff what anyone else thinks?

For more ideas on how to wear this, have a read of this post.


Fritha Strickland //

Kat you look absolutely amazing!! I know what you mean about feeling nervous when you step out your comfort zone but you 100% rock this look! X

Kathryn //

Oh thanks Fritha, life’s too short not to take a few risks is it? xx

Nathalie H. //

A wearable powdery pink (pale and interesting!), offset by a tee-shirt and a nice pair of sneakers: what a fresh and vibrant way of wearing a suit without taking oneself too seriously! Well done, Kat!

Jules //

Kat!! You stunner – the suit looks flippin gorgeous! Well done you for being brace because it paid off xx

Danish Pastry //

You shouldn’t have worried, you look amazing, and that bag just lifts the whole outfit, and stop it looking too pretty. This is an outfit to be repeated, if you ask me.

Kathryn //

Thanks so much – I’ll definitely be wearing the trouser and jacket separately too xx


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