Whether you’re a home worker, freelancer, hot desker or just like to have a space at home to call your own, it’s the one place you can easily refresh. Here’s how to update your workspace in five simple ways.


Have a tidy up. You don’t necessarily need to do a Marie Kondo but a clean, simple, pared down working environment can do wonders for your sense of well being and productivity levels. Start afresh and strip back any old, tired accessories, furniture or general detritus that’s no longer important. Use William Morris’s rule and keep only the items you believe to be beautiful or useful or as Marie Kondo would say, those that ‘spark joy’. Borrow from the Scandinavian style and create a calm, practical, design-led work space that still has room for creativity. Look for monochrome or grey pieces combined with natural materials like wood, leather, ceramic and cork.PicMonkey CollageDetails: Top image from Object StyleLeather strap wall shelf, £75, Object Style /Ceramic storage, £29.50 Haykin / Table, £23, Ikea / Cork lidded boxes, £13, Ikea / Hexagonal brass pot, £39, Cloudberry Living / Bulldog clip, £4.99 for 12, Clas Ohlson, / Wire basket, £62, Cloudberry Living.

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Even a more minimalist workspace can benefit from an inspirational display or memo board. Whether it’s a collection of your favourite images, mementoes, motivational quotes or more of a practical place to scribble reminders or lists, I don’t think anyone should be left staring at a blank and luckily there are many ways to create your own personalised mood wall.
PicMonkey Collage2Details: Top images: pinterest, via here & here / Silver oversized safety pins, £30, Cox & Cox / Memo whiteboard, £4.99 and self-adhesive numbers, £2.99, Clas Olson / To do wall sticker, £33, Cloudberry Living / Noticeboard, £4.50, Ikea /Wooden display shelves, £13, Haykin / pinterest image source


A place for everything and everything in its place. I’m all for pretty desk accessories and display but sometimes you just need to file that stuff away out of sight, in which case you should invest in some proper storage. If you’re not sure you need a full-on filing cabinet, opt for something simpler that’s still neat, tidy and accessible. I’m a fan of box files tucked away under the desk for records but I also like something that looks good and can be on show.ways-to-update-your-workspaceDetails: Top image: pinterest via hereWood & marble display tray, £28, Object Style / Wooden letter trays, £99, Cloudberry Living /A4 magazine file, £1.99 for 4, and notebooks from 99p, Clas OhlsonWall newspaper rack, £15, Ikea /
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Even the smallest work space deserves to be a room with a view, so if you do have a window make sure you think about your natural light source and how it can affect you. It’s great to be able to look outside to take screen breaks or inspiration but if the sun shines brightly on your computer or laptop screen at certain times of the day it will be harder to see. This is why blinds are a  much more practical and versatile choice in an office because they can let the light in or shade it whenever you like as well as offering a degree of privacy if you need it. Plus I just think they lend themselves well to a workspace and there is so much choice available now you can find one that suits your style and space. Check out Luxaflex, which offers an amazing range of blinds from pretty white wooden shutters to sophisticated shades that softly filter light and can even add insulation.


We should all be in no doubt about how beneficial house plants are for our home environment. Not only do they literally add life and colour to a space but certain types are known for their air-purifying powers including aloe vera, spider, peace lily, bamboo palm, weeping fig and ivy. Keeping them alive is only half the battle (if you really struggle to find your green thumb, then cacti and succulents are your friends) but displaying them is another challenge. Look for small but decorative pots for your desk so as not to take up too much room or consider hanging plants which also maximise space.

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Details: Top image: pinterest via here / Cork hanging planter, £42, Object Style /Grey washable paper bag, from £12.50,  Concrete planters, from £15, Metallic paper bag, available in rose gold, platinum, silver and gold, from £6,  all from The Future Kept. / Ceramic pot with succulent/cactus, £20, Geo Fleur

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Slummy single mummy //

Oooh, so many lovely things! I’m a big fan of greenery. In fact, reading this just inspired me to post a pic on Instagram of the five different plants/vases in one corner of my desk! You can see your blog post on the corner of my screen 🙂

Rachel //

You’ve inspired me – I need to declutter and get some decent storage which actually does what I need it do rather than the ad-hoc selection of boxes I cram things into! x

Jess @ Along Came Cherry //

Decluttering always makes me feel so much more organised! I’m so messy though so it gets in a right state before I reach the point of tidying it. I really wish I had an office, at the moment I just have a space in the living room but it’s not the same x

Lori //

Soooo many nice things here that I want to drop into my shopping basket! I always try to declutter but equally i’m super untidy so a walking contradiction! I love the greenery too! x

Alice | More Than Toast //

This is all such great advice!! I’ve been working in-house for a few weeks at the bleakest desk ever (yuck) and I’m so excited to return to my comfy home office – I’ll be re-visiting this post to take heed of your advice when I do! xx


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