The Happy List #77

hot chocolate 2 After all that SS15 shenanigans (lovely as it was) it feels good to be reorienting myself back into the right season (especially as the weather has been pretty miserable here over the last week). It’s been a slightly less eventful week but no less enjoyable really as I quite like hunkering down with my wee ones. The other day it had rained all morning so I pulled out the big guns with my new birthday socks and a cup of hot chocolate. The socks are hand-knitted to a Turkish design (an inspired gift from Greig, he got them from Lowie) and the delish hot chocolate (it comes in sachets!!) was also a welcome gift from Lindt. Just add a snuggly blanket and that’s your three steps to (winter) heaven right there. Here’s what else has made me happy this week:

Having my mum & dad over for Sunday lunch, which gave us the perfect excuse to make Yorkshires (and crumble for pud)

Modestly celebrating Guy Fawkes night, just us and the kids, with a cute but colourful firework in the back garden and a toffee apple each. I secretly loved the way Bea clung to me extra tight when the whizbangers went off. She’s the last one to do this now.

Having leftover crumble as a midnight snack (it also works nicely as breakfast but don’t tell anyone).

The sound of my mum’s voice on the ‘phone after she’d received¬† surprise flowers from Bloom & Wild. These guys were at the Boden press day and treated guests to a free bouquet for a loved one, so of course I sent some to my mummy!

Getting half way to school one morning and realising I hadn’t even brushed my hair before I left the house. When I said this out loud Charlie turned to me and said, “I think it looks beautiful”. He’s got such a silver tongue that one.

Starting my Christmas shopping today. I’m off to the York designer outlet centre to seek out some nice bargain pressies – will report back soon.

Have a great weekend!




Laura //

Oh I seriously love your socks – look so comfy and warm and perfect for autumn – sounds like you had a lot of fun at the press days and how nice to send a bouquet to your mother

Laura x

Adele @ Circus Queen //

I must be a bit hormonal but I’ve got a bit teary eyed over you sending your mum some flowers. That is so lovely! I wonder…there must be someone who will let me sort online for my mum in Trinidad…

Mamandine //

Hey,I think I spotted you on Boden’s blog.Check the article about the press day,there’s a photo of you (I think) taking a picture yourself.Were you wearing a purple dress?
I don’t know why but it pleased me to recognize you…
Have a nice day!

Kathryn //

Oh I just went to check and you’re right it is me! I had a feeling someone had taken my photo but I couldn’t be sure. Well spotted – thanks for letting me know xx

Lindsay //

I sent my Gran some Bloom & Wild flowers after I found a code to buy them for ¬£5 and she absolutely loved them! There’s nothing better than spending time with family, especially if it includes Yorkshires!


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