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Technically it’s Blue Monday today, that point in January when we all really hit a low point and it’s supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Time for a Happy List then! These are a few of the blessings I’ve been counting over the last few weeks…

Well, this week can’t be any worse than the previous one, given the fact we lost two of the most wonderful men to walk the earth during my lifetime. This weekend I made the kids watch Labyrinth (for the umpteenth time) and Greig and I curled up on Saturday night to watch Truly, Madly, Deeply (which has been on my top 10 since I first saw it aged 16). Both experiences were more than a little bitter sweet this time.

So, 2016 feels like it has started with a bit of a bang of grief for many people I expect. I always feel quite hopeful as I start a brand new diary, wondering what the new year has in store. But when January punches you in the face a bit like this, it can leave you reeling. My advice, phone your mum or a friend. Better still, see them soon. Hold your loved ones tight and start filling that diary with coffee dates, fun days, adventures and holidays. Life is short people!

On a slighter brighter, if banal, note I tidied my pig sty of an office last week and filed my tax return. Organisation feels good, I have to admit through gritted teeth. My desk had become a complete mess in the run up to xmas and then I just shut the door on it over the holidays. But you know what they say: ‘tidy desk…procrastinating person’. Actually it does feel good to have a clean, ordered space in which to work again.

I also think that around this point is a good time to really get stuck into some of your xmas presents, perhaps the ones you’ve been saving. Just go for it now. You need it. Slather on that facial oil, wear those luxurious socks, start writing in those pretty notebooks. What are you waiting for – a rainy day? It’s January FGS, you’re never going to need them more than you do now!

What else? Oh well snow counts, yes? We got more than a little smattering in Harrogate and the kids were suitably cock-a-hoop, including Bea who doesn’t seem to remember any of the snow we’ve previously had. Love how pretty it makes everything look, especially our garden which normally looks a right state at this time of year.

And now I’ve mentioned the snow, this last point will sound even more cuckoo but I momentarily released my feet from their winter boots and socks (this was on Saturday before the snow came) and wore some pretty shoes for a change. Seriously, anyone else sick of being winter-shod now and is aching for spring?

Bye for now,



Katie //

What a week indeed, blue Monday sounds about right…. But I have got a day off so I better not get too grumpy about it! 😉 Love love LOVE those shoes, they would make my day too! Let’s hope the rain holds off so you can show them off! Katie x

Kathryn //

I’m determined to wear these shoes more, they are just so nice! Hope you enjoyed your day off lovely xx

Amy //

Oh, I am so ready for Spring already!

There is something very wonderful about a tidy desk – it is definitely a form of procrastination for me, but it does also help me to concentrate if there’s no mess around to fixate on!

Kathryn //

Me too. I wish I could learn to love cleaning and tidying more as I do feel so much better when the house is organised.

Lia //

Wasn’t it a sad week, I was a massive Bowie fan and spent most of Monday in tears. Did the kids like Labyrinth? I’m worried India might be a bit scared but the older two need to watch soon! I’m desperate for some snow, it’s rare we get any here 🙁

Kathryn //

Yeah mine have seen Labyrinth loads and they love it. Most of it kind of goes over Bea’s head (3 year old) but she’s never scared by it xx

sallytangle //

LOVED this list lovely Kat! Blue Monday…PAH! It’s inspired me to get stuck into some of my new Christmas books and sort out a load for the charity shop.

We’ve been loving a dusting of snow too and we also spent the weekend listening to David Bowie and curled up and watched Labyrinth on Saturday night. It still doesn’t feel real somehow…such a tragedy. We’re so blessed to have his music though…sure that he’ll live on for many years to come if we keep playing it and introducing it to younger generations.

Have a fab week xxxx

Molly //

Weirdly, I’m quite enjoying the uber cold weather at the moment. Probably because it’s just been mild drizzle / torrential rain for what seems like forever down here in Devon! Saying that, I always look forward to flip-flop, beer garden, park weather. It’s nice to have something to look forward to! x

Eleanor //

Truly, Madly Deeply was one of four video cassettes we had at home when I was 15 or 16. The others were Big Trouble In Little China, Every Which Way But Loose, and Coming To America. All have remained my favourites!

Alice //

I was quite surprised – my Monday was quite good today! Apart from a three year old with a poorly tummy later this evening :/
I’ve only managed half of my tax return – that’s this weeks job. I’ll be rejoicing when that’s done!!

Jess @ Along Came Cherry //

I’m so desperate for spring, like really desperate, I’m struggling to leave the house unless completely necessary at the moment. I can’t take the cold, but then on the flip side to that I would really love to have some snow, mainly to see the kids reactions. Cherry was 2 the last time we had any and Tiger has never seen it. It would be amazing x

Bryony //

Such a sad week, I said to Dean that this is the first time I’ve really cried over celebrity deaths. It just feels like a few little bits of my childhood died.

I kinda love the cold weather but am deffo looking forward to brighter days (love your shoes btw) xx

Kathryn //

Yes me too, can’t help feeling that we’re going to experience this more and more. Growing up is rubbish sometimes xx

Adele @ Beautiful Tribe //

I was feeling positive about the cold weather last week but being ill has me aching for spring for sure! Hope we actually get a warmish one this year!! Lovely list. I’m looking forward to wearing pretty shoes again. I really want to show my girls Labyrinth and relive the memories myself but I absolutely know my four-year-old wouldn’t cope. She’s very sensitive to stuff like that. Something to look forward to someday.

Lori //

i really need to mix up my footwear this season but also need t do a whole declutter not just the desk! Loving the notebook x

Laura //

As always I really enjoy reading your happy posts and well done on the tax return – I still need to do mine and will be very happy when it’s done. So sad about Bowie passing.

Laura x


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