The Happy List #58

adventure-card-louise-lygoLouise & Lygo postcard from Two Little Birdies

Ooh it’s been a hot one today and as I write this my sun-screened arms are sticking to the table and I’m looking forward to a Sunday night bath. It feels like we’ve spent loads of time outdoors this week; playing swing ball in the back garden after school and eating lots of ice-cream (on separate days and from different purveyors) so that in itself is full of win. We’ve also had a few high temperatures, sleepless nights and tantrums but that’s life. A few other things that are part of the adventure too:

Having some ‘me time’ in the salon and getting my hair highlighted. I have dark blonde, oily hair that needs any help it can get so a bit of bleach goes a long way. Happy hair makes all the difference to my day.

Drinking gin & tonics with my good friend Katie, sitting on the grass in the middle of town (like a couple of teenagers) watching the world go by (and putting it to rights).

Finding a beauty product that lives up to all the hype. The POREfessional primer by Benefit is the only make-up I’ve ever used that properly sorts out my (increasingly) visible pores. I don’t mind having pores by the way, I just don’t want to be constantly reminded of them.

A visit from Greig’s sister which means the kids got to play with their lovely auntie (a rarity as she normally lives in NZ) and we had an excuse to go out for a yummy brunch at the weekend to treat her.

‘Diagnosing’ myself (finally) as a ‘multipotentialite’ thanks to this great post by Elizabeth. Similarly, I really liked this post by Emma about why introverts make the best entrepreneurs.

Crafting up a storm in preparation for a mammoth party weekend in our house (we have 3 birthdays in the family next week).

Receiving a bunch of hand-picked flowers from Greig that were beautifully simple and just what I like. Love him!



Elizabeth Holdsworth //

Hello! Thank you for including my post in your round-up! I’m glad to have found The Talented Ladies Club website through you today too.

Oh, and I might have to try that Benefit primer. My pores are getting so big, I could probably keep loose change in them…

Emma Cossey //

Aw thank you for the mention! I feel like the word multipotentialite is this year’s introvert πŸ™‚ I also echo Elizabeth’s comment above, I need to check out that Benefit product too!

Lisa-Marie //

This is an excellent happy list!
Mine is:
Buying new books for summer after months of reading for college rather than for fun.
Passing my final essay of term
Walking the dog in the sushiney weather
finding two new dresses, in the sale, that fit me perfectly in the space of a week
Actually having time to blog and read other blogs
being more or less on top of the housework!

Kathryn //

Good list yourself – love finding just the right thing in the sales πŸ™‚

Feather and Nest //

Hi Kathryn, just to let you know that we’ve now re-branded to Feather and Nest Home Accessories Home & Lifestyle Store πŸ™‚
We’re still selling gorgeous homeware online, but we’re also opening our first store in Wallingford in a few weeks. You can now find us here:


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