A few more of the things I’ve been liking and loving lately

Dressing like a real life Guess Who? character (1). These white sunglasses might not be to everyone’s taste but there’s something slightly bonkers about them that I like. Plus, I refer you to this post, which proves just how cool they can be (when not worn by me).

Similarly, wearing my tulle ballerina skirt on rainy days (2), in defiance of the weather. When it’s summer, I think you’ve just got to wear what you like and brave it don’t you? Also, do you see how I sneaked in a coffee shot – I have to get one into every Happy List. Them’s the rules.

A holiday in Bamburgh. It was surprisingly sunny for the north but whatever the weather, we love this stretch of coastline and it will always be special to us. One day, just to be spontaneous, we took a day trip to Edinburgh too. I forget how close you are to the Scottish border in Northumberland and it was only an hour and a half in the car to get to one of the best cities in the world. We spent the whole day wandering around, taking in art galleries, shopping, playing in the park and also explored the area of Stockbridge too. Probably one of the best days of the year for me so far. For more ideas check out this great Whistlestop tour of Edinburgh by Lisa.

Rhodedendrons. End of.

Actually while I’m on the subject of flowers I will just add that the Wisteria we planted two years ago has finally bloomed this year, which made me inordinately happy. Maybe in a few years (like 20 or so) it will be prompting true #WisteriaHysteria

Sitting outside our little rental cottage, drinking coffee, reading and smelling these roses (3)

I’ve been devouring novels recently including a re-read of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale before the new adaptation started on telly. Have you been watching? It’s not exactly comfort-viewing but must-see TV in my opinion and you have to read the book too!

And if you like your dystopian fiction with a side of feminism, I think it’s great that The Power by Naomi Alderman has just won this year’s Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction. Atwood mentored Alderman on this book and it apparently shows – it’s definitely on my reading list!

Voting! In view of the above, I think women’s rights are an even more important issue than ever and regardless of the outcome, exercising my democratic right to vote will always make me feel good. I hope you did too.

And finally, a bit of news: I’ve applied for and been accepted to study an MA in Creative Writing. It’s something I’ve been thinking about and wanting to do for years and now feels like the right time. I’ll be studying part time over two years so will continue to work on the blog but I’m really excited to be using a different part of my brain again and hopefully gaining some new skills. Naturally, every good writer needs the right accessories(!) so I treated myself to this little leather pencil set (4) from & Other Stories as a good luck gift to myself. Did you see that their summer sale has just started by the way?


Bye for now,





Kathryn //

Ooh you must tell me all about yours sometime Amanda! Thanks, I’m really looking forward to it xx

Louise xx //

Congratulations Kat – really admire you.
Recently a dream that I had for over 5 years fell through so am in the process of re- grouping and assessing where to go now.
Always wanted to do a counselling course so maybe that’s the path I’ll go down now.
Enjoy a celebratory glass of fizz – you deserve it.
Keep on posting – you keep me sane

Kathryn //

Oh that’s a shame but don’t give up. One of my best friends has just started a counselling course and she’s really enjoying it! xx

Lisa //

Oh I’m so pleased for you! Congratulations chuck, that’s awesome news. You’ll have to keep me updated with how it’s going. P.S That leather pencil set is gorgeous! X

Kathryn //

Thanks Lisa, yes i will keep you posted. Do you remember seeing that pencil case when we were shopping in store and you said I should get it if I was accepted on the course? Well as ever I thought that was very good advice of yours xx

Kathryn //

Thanks Jenna, it feels like the most exciting decision I’ve made in a long time xx

Sarah //

Congrats on the MA news, that’s really exciting. I have a BA(hons), but I’m just applying to study with the OU for a social psychology degree starting in September.

Old Fashioned Susie //

I’m So excited about you starting this MA! I was just looking a day workshop for writing recently actually. So pleased you’ve found the right time for you xx

Kathryn //

Thanks Sus! Go for it, I think it’s always worth investing in yourself and your skills xx

Mrs _moons //

Fab news, congratulations!
Also I concur on Atwood. And also looking forward to reading The Power.

Francesca //

That’s fab news about the MA, congratulations! Look forward to hearing all about it.
I was in Bamburgh and Edinburgh too last week! The beach at Bamburgh really is beautiful, so vast and relaxing X


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