This month has been filled with blossoms, lovely new places and a spot of DIY, plus my usual round up of favourite things I’ve seen and heard online.

I’m slightly late with April’s Happy List (as it’s actually May and’all – how?) but this month is probably one of my favourite, filled with blossoms and warmer breezes. The cherry trees (1) that line some of the walkways across The Stray in Harrogate, were looking particularly fine this year and it’s one of my favourite things about living here so I decided to try and capture it – outfit post coming soon!

Plans for our room makeover (more details here) are finally taking shape(2). Since it’s bank holiday law that you should do DIY, we made the most of the long weekend and started painting the back room a dark green colour (we used Valspar Devonshire Green, in case you’re wondering). As you can see, it takes a few coats but I’m excited to see it all coming together. I’ll do a proper before & after post soon (because we all love one of those don’t we!?).

This luminising powder (3) from &OtherStories is still my go-to beauty product for a minimal make-up look – instant summer glow! I’m running low on mine so will be stocking up again soon.

Trying out a great new restaurant in Harrogate (4) – whether you’re local or visiting (and love fish), I’d recommend Fisk. Read my full review here.

An affordable pick-me-up, I’ve just bought this cute t-shirt from M&S (5). I love the cotton ruffle neck-line and bow-tie at the back – all the ease of a simple tee but the details make it feel special.

Or if you don’t want to buy anything new, try this simple tutorial via WhoWhatWear on how to make a button-down shirt look high end – love a clever styling trick!

I took my first London trip of the year and it was such a nice day as myself and Natasha went to check out Etsy’s incredible Head Quarters (6). That colourful wall is just one of several murals created by a Brooklyn-based artist who came over specially from NY to decorate the offices. The whole place is littered with beautiful, handmade pieces from Etsy designer-makers. Can you imagine a more fun and inspirational place to work?

Did you see the recent campaign that Mango did in collaboration with Lyn Slater from Accidental Icon (7)? Okay so I didn’t know this lady at all until I spied her on the Mango site and I just thought it was so great that the brand had used an older model who as absolutely rocking the clothes. Turns out she has a blog all of her own and is my new life and style crush.

Similarly, it was great to see that Boden had used older models at their most recent press day and speaking of icons (I love it when all my links segue!!), they’ve just launched their latest Icons collection: a small, limited edition range of exquisite ‘forever’ pieces. I am in love with this embroidered jacket, which has a matching skirt too but most of all, how’s about this floral jumpsuit (8). Check out these amazing pieces before they’re gone!

This piece on Emerald Street (are you subscribed to their emails?) on the different ways (and places) women find to write. Interesting stuff for anyone curious about the writing process.

And if, like me, you find it easier to work in the cafe but that Flat White habit is getting expensive, try creating the coffee shop ambience in your own home with Coffivity – try it out for free here.

Finally (and I know this is highly ironic since I’m a blogger and my whole raison d’être is supposedly the internet) but I’ve been trying to spend less time online recently. Over the Easter holidays, I teamed up with a few other bloggers to take part in a challenge to enjoy time offline. The idea is to be a little more mindful about the time I do spend online (rather than mindlessly scrolling and wasting hours to the algorithm) while also making a conscious effort to be more present when I am offline and really enjoy those experiences fully. I’ll always appreciate the positive aspects of living in a digital age but it felt good to press pause (as with most occupations), take a break and come back to things with a fresh perspective. I’d definitely recommend it! Have a read of Amanda’s post here and Natasha’s post here, to see how they got on with their digital detox.

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