It’s been far too long since I did a Happy List. So, full of the joys of Spring (nearly, nearly), here’s the latest instalment of what I’ve been liking, loving and generally digesting lately.

My last Happy List was back in October. This feature feels like something of a neglected child. I blame Christmas and all that fandango, followed by January (bleugh), which always seems to involve a loss of mojo. But anyway, with Spring just around the corner I think I’m just about back on track with blogging and life in general. I read something on Pinterest recently that said, “There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so don’t expect yourself to either.”

Speaking of which, I received a lovely hyacinth in the post last month, encouraging me to #Bloomin2017 from the organisers of an exciting new conference for entrepreneurs, called Big Small Business. It’s taking place on April 1st and the speaker list looks great. Take a look!

After a rather sluggish few months (and the usual indulgence over Xmas) I’ve been finding a bit comfort in the ease of a good pair of dungarees (1). I know some people find them hard to wear but I urge you to try them – anything that takes the pressure off a bloated tum or grazes over my thighs will always have a place in my wardrobe. Conversely, I also (reluctantly) had to admit that a pair of good skinny jeans can help to streamline you if you prefer. Check out this recent post.

My energy levels have been a bit down recently too so I’ve been looking for new ways to exercise (hello yoga youtube videos) when I can’t face a run in the rain. I also love this new perfume from Neom¬†(2)¬†which smells really zingy with grapefruit and rosemary but also gives you a mood-boosting energy burst. I keep it on my desk for a handy spritz. By the way, did you catch my Q&A with Neom’s founder, Nicola Elliott?

So, so glad it’s tulip season again. They’re my favourites and so affordable (3).

Feeling the monochrome trend and finding these trousers (4) for a snip in Primark.

Planning a new interiors project to makeover our neglected back room. See this pinterest board for ideas so far.

Listening to inspiring podcasts like the newly launched offerings from instagram queen Sara Tasker and photography ninja Julia Rebaudo. Also, my favourite, the Pandolly podcast is set to rise again like a phoenix from the flames, relaunching imminently as the High/Low. Stay tuned!

Wearing stars and lightning bolts in my ears, thus forever to be known henceforth as my Ziggy Stardust earrings(5). Thanks to Cabbage White!

Speaking of glam rock, these gold boots (6) from &Other Stories, have encouraged me to finally take the plunge with metallic boots. Stand by for an outfit post coming soon, where I take them for a first spin.

No Happy List of mine would be complete without a gratuitous coffee shot (7). It’s one of the many things that have been getting me through these grey days. That and the return of TV shows like The Great British Painting Challenge / Pottery Throw-down. I just can’t help myself!

I think burning a beautiful candle is probably even more beneficial in Jan/Feb when all the sparkle of xmas has gone. I tried out this Rosewood & Patchouli one from recently (they have a great range of treaty stuff on there). I love its little copper lid that looks good and stops the wax from getting dusty.

Hope 2017 has been treating you gently so far. If you’re still struggling to find your happy place, have a read of this post, on beating the winter blues. Roll on spring!


Old Fashioned Susie //

What a great post Kat- I love the quote you found on Pinterest. I think it’s so easy to pressure ourselves into “producing” all the time. Will look the podcasts up too!

Kathryn //

Yes I agree! When I read that I thought maybe that’s why I’ve been feeling so dormant during January – ha! xx


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