The Happy List #108


Time for a catch up? I’m typing this in a London hotel room and will hopefully have finished it before the chambermaids kick me out. Why do my happy lists always seem to be written in a rush at the moment? I think I’m still trying to master the art of multi-tasking as well as making proper use of my lovely new MacBook, which was a gift from Greig. At least now I don’t feel like I’m wasting time on the train while travelling and can catch up on work stuff en route. Although I still love a bit of window-gazing when I’m on a train don’t you? Here are a few more recent happy moments: 

Coffee shops in the rain: even more inviting than usual, especially when you’re going to meet old and new friends and put the world to rights.

London (again). I’m spending so much time down here at the moment with press/blogging events I’m wondering whether London and I should stop flirting and just move in together. Wow, imagine that, my own little pied a terre in the city (never in a million years but I can dream).

So as I said, I’m in a hotel which is always a treat especially going solo and having the room all to myself. I attended a lovely press dinner with White Stuff last night to launch their new SS16 range. It was at a fab restaurant called Carousel and the food was superb if you fancy trying it sometime.

One of the best bits about last night? Having the time to get dressed and a little dolled up for the evening. Outfit details pictured above, including the prettiest shoes I ever did own thanks to Jemima Vine. Seriously, they are shoes for life people!

What else? Well when I’m not high tailing it back and forth between London, I’m just enjoying semi-hibernation mode. I brave the weather twice a day to do the school run, but hunker down with blankets or wrist-warmers if I’m working. I’m very anti social (when I’m not being a social media type).

The recent crazy weather is a bit boring already but I do kinda love lying in bed listening to rain lashing my window. And Sunday mornings where you don’t get out of your pyjamas at all but just add cosy bed socks: the best! I recently read that Nigella sometimes spends the whole of Christmas day in her dressing gown. I think I might aim for that this year!!

And finally, we had a fab weekend last week getting off-grid and back to nature in Kielder Forest, Northumberland. We stayed in the amazing Sky Den, thanks to Canopy & Stars. The weather was a bit bonkers but we cuddled up and played board games and a rather adrenaline fuelled game of charades. So good to leave the digital world behind and have fun with my little gang. Full review to follow soon!

Bye for now,




sallytangle //

I can’t wait to read about Kielder Forest, ive been wanting to go for ages but somehow we’ve never quite got there. We’ve had HORRID incessant rain for at least ten days or so up until yesterday and you’re so right – what better place to be than cosy and watching it from the right side of the window all bundled up!! I’ve particularly enjoying the glorious feeling that comes from it being perfectly legitimate to light candles on a lazy dark and drizzly sunday morning. And coffee shop dates – i still havent got around to having my first mince pie of the season yet though! I must rectify this this weekend!!!!

LOVE your little happy lists! Have the fabbest weekend lovely lady! I’m off and the forecast is bright with a minus-kind of temperature (secretely my fave kind of weather!). I’ll be donning a hat, mittens and a chunky scarf and scampering out on that little bike of mine!!!

Sal xxxx

Kathryn //

The weather has been a bit bonkers round your parts lately and not much better round here either! Glad you’re still getting out and about to enjoy all the loveliness at this time of year! xx

Felicity //

Love your happy lists – always sound incredible, but make me feel grateful in turn. The Canopy & Stars experience sounds particularly amazing – loved your insta snaps on the break!

Felicity x

Kathryn //

Oh thanks so much Felicity, you have to stop for a moment to give thanks for all the good stuff don’t you. The Sky Den was really fun – will get some more pix posted soon. xx


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