The Happy List #107

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This Happy List is a little overdue and I’m rushing to get it finished at half ten in the evening as I’m up and off to London tomorrow for a couple of days to cover a few press days – yep it’s that time of year again (y’know you love it really). Anyway, my frantic tappings on the keyboard should in no way lessen the fact that it’s been a great week or two, particularly as I celebrated my 40th birthday (thank the lord, she can stop wanging on about it now, I hear you mutter). 

It does feel like I’ve been leading up to this one for ages, starting with a lovely stay in a windmill earlier in the summer, followed by a fab girlie holiday in Palma in September. I’m not one for big parties so I’ve just been spending time with all my favourite peeps separately and enjoying some treats with them to mark the occasion. It’s actually a great strategy if you want to stretch it out and milk it a bit – ha, I’m joking!!! Anyway, here are a few happy moments from the last few weeks.

It might seem a bit cliche now but a special mention should be given to autumn. I know we all act as though we’ve never seen anything like it before each year, but autumn and its wonderful colours just gets me every time.

The excuse to make warming, hot drinks even more often than usual. This spiced chai tea from Jing is just the ticket.

A work trip to London that was more pleasure than business. That pretty much sums up why I love blogging actually. I’d been invited by Etsy to take part in a Brush Lettering workshop with Teri from The Lovely Drawer. It was held in the most amazing venue, Bourne & Hollingsworth Buildings in Clerkenwell. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at a new craft lately and brush lettering is so addictive. Add in afternoon tea and chat with lovely bloggers and it was the perfect pre-birthday warm-up. Later that night I also went out for a cosy dinner with an old friend so it was a pretty blissful day.

The next day, I went south of the river to check out the new Loaf showroom in Battersea – the Loaf Shack. It’s so much more than a room with sofas in it. In fact I’d probably spend most of my weekend lounging around in it. There’s an ice cream parlour – say no more. Then before I caught my train home, I stopped by West Elm (interiors mecca) on Tottenham Court Rd to say hi to Jeska from Lobster & Swan who was there with her husband running a pop-up of their wonderful online store The Future Kept. All in all, it was a visually stimulating day and I went home, head swimming with interiors ideas.

Finally, back in Harrogate with a bit of a cold and a lost voice, I woke up on Friday morning to the sound of the mister and the kids trooping in singing Happy Birthday with some presents that they were determined to open for me. Then we raced off to a special birthday breakfast at new Harrogate bistro Farm. It sells the most delicious, wholesome food and the interiors are lovely. I had peaches caramelised in maple syrup on homemade sourdough toast (see above). It was heavenly.

After that the kids went to my parents for a couple of hours while I had a massage booked by Greig and then lunch together just the two of us (I never stopped eating that day). I’d also booked in to get a much needed cut and colour but by the time I got home, Greig and the kids had decorated the hallway with balloons plus a little surprise: 40 colourful envelopes stuck to the wall, each containing a special moment / photo from my life. It was such a lovely thoughtful thing to do, I don’t want to take them down!

Okay, so this list has just turned into a long birthday essay but it really was a happy few days and I felt very loved. Needless to say, the kids went mad for halloween as usual and even went trick or treating this year, under supervision. So it’s been a bit of a whirlwind few days but very happy.

Catch up soon,




Jenna //

What a lovely birthday. The envelope idea sounds beautiful and brought a little tear to my eye!

Hope you have a fab week lady x

Lia //

What a lovely list & more importantly a lovely time you’ve been having!! Those peaches on toast look AMAZING – i might have to try and recreate something like that for my blog! Thanks for the inspo – enjoy London! x

Kathryn //

They were delicious Lia – hope you do try to make them, would love the recipe!! x

Alison //

I’m so envious of your few weeks – what lovely things you’ve been to! I’d love to try brush lettering and that bistro in Harrogate looks RIGHT up my street. Sorry that I won’t be seeing you at press days this week xxx

Kathryn //

Thanks Alison, missed you at press days lat week. Hope you’re feeling better! xx

Mamandine //

Dear Catherine,I still read every post you publish even though I don’t take the time to comment.You sound like such a lovely person,beyond this ‘blog image’ that I want to wish you a very happy birthday.I hope lots of good things are ahead of you,with your loving family and in your job too.Please keep your honesty,it makes your blog unique!Big birthday hug from a dedicated French reader!Amandine

Kathryn //

Hello Amandine!

So glad to hear you’re still reading the blog. That was one of the sweetest comments anyone’s ever left on my blog and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! K xx

Adele //

Your happy lists always make me feel a bit cheerful. Happy belated birthday! No more colds for the rest of the season either!


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