The Happy List #106

PicMonkey CollageSo, not surprisingly, my holiday in Palma last week provided plenty of happy! I think I’ll do a proper round-up post /mini-guide to Palma as I really was impressed with everything it had to offer – such a great place for a little break. But for now, here are a few simple, happy moments from the last week.

Proper wooden shutters, double-height windows and a wrought iron balcony in our apartment. That’s what I’ll probably remember most. Sunlight creeping in my bedroom window in a morning and the sound of a Spanish guitarist strumming away at night. Occasionally we could hear a bit of building work too but we were were right in the heart of the city after all.

Ensaimadas!!!! Oh my, why haven’t I eaten these until now? Large but light, soft yet crispy sweet rolls and the perfect accompaniment to a strong morning coffee for breakfast, eaten at a pavement cafe in the sunshine. I am missing them big time.

Tiles, tiles everywhere. As someone who loves a beautifully tiled floor (#ihavethisthingwithfloors), Palma made me look down as many times as up. I even chose our apartment based partly on the fact I loved its original flooring.

Buying some traditional Menorcan sandals (and Spanish retail therapy generally). I’ve admired these sandals a lot on my IG feed this summer so I was pleased to find the shops in Palma awash with them and they are so comfy, they were perfect for pavement pounding.

Beautiful wooden doors, each one leading to a hidden courtyard, beautiful restaurant or breathtaking church.

Afternoon siestas and eating late. After a busy day of sight-seeing (we walked miles everyday), we would collapse back at the apartment to read, chat, rest and watch the world go by from our balcony. We’d snack on Iberico ham, Manchego cheese and fresh tomatoes we bought from the local shop and crack open a beer/wine/sherry while we slowly got ready to go out for dinner about 9.30pm. It was just so very different from our usual evening routines!

Face-timing Greig and the kids; not just hearing their voices but seeing their faces made such a difference.

Not watching a scrap of TV all week. Turns out you just don’t need it that much after all.

Spending so much quality time with two of my oldest, bestest friends. We don’t get to see each other for months at a time and when we do it’s often snatched moments while I’m in London, so it was really nice to enjoy long, langorous conversations over good food and wine.

Eating ice cream or gelato every day – oh the flavours!!! This was helped greatly by the fact they sold it everywhere; morning, noon and night so a stop off for ice cream on the way home at nearly midnight was perfectly acceptable.

Seeing Greig waving at me like a mad thing in the station car park as I arrived home and the kids shouting ‘Ola’ from the back of the car. I always try to remind myself how lucky I am but sometimes you need to go away for a while to truly appreciate what’s near. I loved having a week of indulgence but I missed them so much too!

I’ll round up a few of my favourite things to do and see in Palma in another post in case you fancy a visit – it really was the perfect mini break.



Gill Crawshaw //

Really enjoyed following your travels over on IG, it looked so idyllic. Glad you had a good time and looking forward to reading more. Also, the food and drink sounds BRILLIANT x

Molly //

Oh those breakfast rolls look INCREDIBLE! What a brilliant mini break. I’ve never stayed in Palma but I’m adding it to my list of places I really want to visit soon. Love the sandals by the way. x

Kathryn //

It’s so lovely Molly, I can’t believe I’ve never been before! The ensaimadas are epic!! x

Katy //

I absolutely love Palma and had a brilliant long weekend there after staying elsewhere in Majorca. I loved all your IG pics and look forward to hearing more x

Kathryn //

Thanks Katy, it’s great isn’t it. Would be very tempted to head back for another long weekend one day xx

fritha //

I loved seeing your pictures and so glad you had a good time, I know you were a little nervous to be away from the kids but I agree it does just make you appreciate what you have all that bit more doesn’t it! x


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