The Happy List 105

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Hello, hello! It feels like a while since I wrote a Happy List and normally I would do this on a Friday (happy day) but my weeks have felt a bit topsy-turvy as we all struggle to get back into the old routine. But hey ho, here we are and here’s some happy:

I think my coffee addiction has grown of late as I’ve tried to get my head back into school runs and autumn days after a lovely summer and a week in Palma (distant memory now). But I’m supporting independent coffee shops (right?) and trying to drink less instant/tea at home and save myself for a proper one. So that’s ok then.

Proper, warm snuggly jumpers like this beautiful chunky knit version c/o Beaumont Organic. On milder days I can go coat-free with this baby on and it will be perfect for colder days around the house. Check them out – great ethical, organic label with some fab styles.

Lovely lazy weekends with my brood – I’d missed them all so much while I was away. Early one evening Greig and I had a bath together (TMI? Sorry, but we’ve always done this and what else is a bath with taps in the middle for?). Normally the kids would all try to pile in too but this time Charlie wandered in and tried to give Greig a neck massage. Then the girls followed suit. Before we knew it Greig and I were giggling under a barrage of hot flannels, hair brushing and hand moisturising as they all played ‘beauty salon’. It was one of those sweet, silly memories I hope I never forget.

Freebie Neal’s Yard lotion that smells divine – Orange & Geranium – with this month’s issue of InStyle mag!

Speaking of beauty treatments, for the last month or so I’ve been treating myself to a shellac manicure and feel so much better about my nails. They had become so ridged and damaged over the years, they were a state and normal nail varnish just didn’t work on them any more. I don’t know why I hadn’t done this ages ago, I guess I always feel a little guilty spending money on stuff like this but you shouldn’t underestimate simple, affordable confidence boosters!

Rediscovering old box sets on Netflix. Greig and I have been watching Rome (remember that off the telly, about 10 years ago). It’s still really good if you like quite visceral historical stuff and it makes the wait for Game of Thrones a bit easier.

What have you been up to?



Jess @ Along Came Cherry //

Ah I love he sound of your family beauty salon bath! I would love one with taps in the middle, ours is so small that when we’ve attempted to have one together I end up being pushed out of the water and freezing! I’m not that happy about the weather turning but it is nice to dig out my winter clothes and wear jumpers again! x

Claire //

Aw, that sound slike a lovely moment- very envious of your bath too! I’m due a cosy up with a Netflix boxset soon! Love your jumper! x

fritha //

I love Neals Yard stuff, it always feels like a treat using it, even if it’s just the hand wash! I’ll have to check out Rome x

Lins @Boo & Maddie //

I love the sound of your fun, family bath! Sadly Pete absolutely hates baths, and even if he liked them we could never share one since I love them scalding hot. Still, all the more enjoyment for me 😉 Sounds like a lovely X

Kathryn //

Bath time is rarely relaxing though in our house because sooner or later some one will want to get in with me! x

Lori //

aww loving the happy list and thinking of treating myself to some shellac! I’ve been induldging in rose water baths and sea salt scrubs 🙂 x


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