The Happy List #103

Kat-got-the-cream-blogTime for a catch up, yes? We’re two weeks into the school holidays already and it’s been a funny mix of manic and mellow (why is there no middle ground?). It’s been so nice not to have to rush around in the morning, herding the kids to school. Instead we’ve had lazy, cuddly lie-ins and one or two cheeky pyjama days I don’t mind telling you (I blame the weather). That said, other days have been a bit hectic, usually when I try to do any kind of work and entertain the kids at the same time. Here are a few more highlights:

Taking the kids out for breakfast one Friday morning to celebrate a long but good week. We went to my favourite local cafe Baltzersens and ordered the waffles; heart-shaped, fluffy pancakes served with cream, fruit compote or Nutella. Delicious!!!

That weekend in Somerset. I won’t go on as I already covered it in my previous post but we had such a lovely stroll through the local village, which boasted so many pretty cottages, doors and window boxes, it was an instagrammer’s delight.

The sight/smell of a lovely bunch of summer flowers every time you walk past them. My beautiful bouquet from Serenata Flowers is the gift that keeps on giving and there’s still time to enter my giveaway to win some for yourself.

Pimping my beloved Olympus Pen camera with a lush new leather strap, kindly sent to me by blogger/photographer extraordinaire Julia, who has designed this range with Sail Handmade. Such a great collab!

Playing board games with the kids; the up-side of this recent rainy weather. When they had exhausted Netflix one day, we also made some cookies and got out the Monopoly set (which we recently bought Charlie for his birthday). Cue nostalgia for me and a new fascination for them.

A quick trip to London, involving a stay in a cute hotel (I love star-fishing in the bed when I have a night away) and a couple of press events including a visit to the new Joules store on Northcote road (again nostalgic for me as I used to live around there many moons ago). As well as eyeing up the new collection we also had a lovely chat with Martine Joule, sister of founder/CEO Tom Joule, who gave us a real insight into how every Joules piece is designed in-house.

And then home again, 24 hours later, having a soak in my own bath listening to the funny, crazy, silly chatter of my three kiddos in the background. The perfect mix of mellow and manic – I wouldn’t have it any other way!

How’s it been going for you lately?



Claire //

Great list- you are so right about there only being manic or mellow days in the holidays! I love those heart shaped waffles- gorgeous! xxx

Laura //

Oooh so many things to be happy about – love love mellow chilled breakfast with pancakes and Somerset is one of our favourite places – so beautiful part of the country and the perfect place to take kids

Laura x


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