This last month has been a quiet one on the blog – partly because of the school holidays and partly with the intention of taking a bit of a break from regular scheduling. Above all, it’s been a fairly happy and chilled one, even with the addition of two furry feline friends (or fiends?). But what better way to get me back into the blogging saddle than a new Happy List I guess? So, here’s how I’ve been living and loving lately.

To say life’s been peachy keen (jelly bean) over the last few weeks is not an idle brag but alludes more to the fact that I seem to have been mildly obsessed with shades of pink and blush. Exhibit A is this wonderfully soft and light v-neck sweater* (pic 1) I’ve been living in during the holidays, teamed with baggy, ripped jeans or over pleated skirts. The lovely black jewelled flats* are just biding their time for autumn (anyone else still wearing summer shoes? I can’t quite give them up yet). Check out the 20% discount at Boden currently if you fancy it.

I also treated myself to a print that’s been on my wish list for some time. The Un, Deux, Trois print (2) is by the Rifle Paper Co. though I picked mine up online from The Tipi (really nice store – check it out). I love the peachy tone and the typeface, but above all it seemed like the perfect addition to our little gallery wall with all the photos of our 3 babes (cluck cluck).

One of the furry fiends, Talulah (3). The arrival of two kittens (sisters) at the start of the summer holidays couldn’t have been more perfectly timed (though it was pure fluke). Me and the kids have so enjoyed playing with them over the last few weeks.

One more striped Breton top* (4), but with a peachy painterly stripe (I told you I’d grown fond of that colour lately). I also picked up a couple of beauty bits from And Other Stories during a day trip to Manchester. The hand cream is lovely and the Illuminating Powder has replaced my usual bronzer nicely.

Converse: you just can’t go wrong (5). This is my first pair in about 4 years (my others are still going strong) but they’ve done me proud over the hols and are always good for school run schlepping.


Pale legs (still) but these pasty pins are going to Greece in 3 weeks, along with these lovely woven flats and khaki sun dress (6) I picked up from Zara. I’m completely caught in limbo at the moment between wanting to wholeheartedly embrace Autumn but not until I’ve had my week in the sun. We’re joining my parents for some quality time in Rhodes as a family. And yes, we are taking the kids out of school, because I think this is worth it 😉

Enjoying proper long, lazy breakfasts (7) with the kids during the holidays. Making pancakes and real coffee. Staying up late to watch the olympics safe in the knowledge none of us had to get up early the next day. Pyjama days, full stop. Now that the school run has started again this week, I am missing those lazy days but there’s always the weekend.

Another furry fiend, this is Maggie (8). She’s the baby, a little smaller than her sister Tallulah and very mischievous. Whenever I try to sit down to work, she climbs up on my lap and tries to tap the keyboard. It’s just like having another child! I guess they are helping to offset my empty nest syndrome since all 3 kids are now officially at school. Bea has started really well so that’s a relief.

Speaking of my neglected home office, I’ve been sprucing it up a bit over the holidays with a couple of new bits including this fab rug from La Redoute (9). I first featured it on the blog in this wishlist and had been dithering over it ever since until I finally decided to get it (along with everyone else in instagram/blogland it seems). It’s wonderfully soft so the kittens love it too!

And while we’re on about La Redoute, I went along to their summer party in August and had a preview of their new autumn/winter range. The clothes are fab but I have to say the homewares really caught my eye (10). Just look at that giant pom-pom throw and those cushions!!

Hope you’ve had a good summer and if you’re still reading, thanks for your patience – normal blogging should hopefully resume now (kiddos and kittens allowing!).



Lizzie Woodman //

Lovely list! I love the peachy colours. Your kittens look adorable! Our two new cats have just arrived today, I’m looking forward to getting to know then more.

Lottie | Oyster & Pearl //

Hooray for kittens! We’re getting a pair next week and I can’t wait. Like you, I’m hoping they’ll keep me company while I’m home alone during the day. Any tips on getting them settled in? x

Kathryn //

I think it helps that you’ve got more than one as they entertain each other instead of trashing the house (most of the time!) xx


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