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New jewellery, free-from skincare and a charity shop find – plus some of the best things I’ve seen and heard online.

Sitting at my desk this morning, trying to get my brain to work after a lovely but very long day in London yesterday I felt it was about time for another Happy List and a catch up on life in general. However if you’re at all interested in watching more day to day goings on in between these posts, you can now follow me on snapchat if you like (@iamkatsharman). Most of the time it’s just me talking breathily to camera on the school run, being a weather bore and humming/harring over new buys/finds. But on the odd occasion I do something interesting (like yesterday’s visit to the fab Boden AW16 press day) there’s a bit more on there.

So what else has been going on? Well copious wearing of my new pink Alexa top from M&S and more importantly, quite a bit of sunglasses action (in between the hail/sleet obvs). I picked these ones up from Urban Outfitters recently and I like the shape/olive green colour. But yes sunshine, more of that please!

Watching the trailer for the new Ab fab movie just a few times. It looks bloody hilarious and I for one can’t wait!

Liking this idea of tying eucalyptus (or even rosemary/mint?) above your shower head for an invigorating start to the day – spotted on pinterest.

A couple of new jewellery bits* from Black & Sigi. I loved the new Aphrodite range as soon as I spied it on instagram. Available in silver/gold, there’s a matching ring and necklace as well as these earrings. Stand by for a giveaway coming to the blog soon!

Having #athingforbricks – I always have to be honest and realised I was posting so many photos of beautiful buildings, handsome houses (not to mention walls and floors) that it might be an idea to start a new, separate IG account and hashtag for anyone else who likes bricks as much as I do. I’d love you to join in if you fancy it!PicMonkey Collage

Finding a brand new, baby blue, faux leather biker jacket in the charity shop the other day. I don’t get chance to go thrifting quite as much as I used to but i still like to pop in every now and again with the kids to see what we can find.

Game of Thrones!!! Normally we’re way behind everyone else but decided to bite the bullet (read subscribed for a short term period to NowTV so we could get access to the new season when it started). Monday nights are my new fave.

Trying out some really good new skincare treats from totally natural and free from range My Roo. The Starflower & Orange Blossom facial cleanser and cloth* is a great way to take the day off (as well as every scrap of makeup) and I follow up with the skin boost serum* too (both of which are packed full of natural seed oils and other good stuff). As well as being organic and vegan, the whole range is gluten and nut free (which is actually very hard to find in skincare products). Oh and they’re made in Yorkshire which is excellent too of course. I also love the geranium hand treat and the superfood balm.

The Boden AW16 press day. Always such good fun and this season’s theme was Johnnie’s milk bar celebrating the cafe culture of Sixties soho in a colour palette of milkshake hues. Loved it – more on my snapchat and instagram #BodenAW16

Followed by…afternoon tea at Soho House with two of my favourite people from the blogosphere, Natasha and Rosie (who has a little bun in the oven of her own – so exciting!).

And while I don’t intend to give up sugar completely, this brilliant post by Alison has really made me think twice about the amount I consume and the effect it’s having on me mentally as well as physically.

Right, my brain is still a little fried from yesterday so I’m going to take a walk in the sunshine and maybe work from the cafe until school pick up. Because I’m not giving up on caffeine either – just might not have the sugar in it.

P.S. The second of my videos for White Stuff has just gone live – click here if you fancy a watch – this time it’s all about staycation dressing.

Bye for now!


Disclosure: *review items


Kathryn //

Thanks. It was a good find wasn’t it, perfect colour for summer. Think I might wear it with long dresses 🙂 xx

Kathryn //

Thanks Linda, I was quite chuffed when I found that jacket 🙂

Kathryn //

Each to his own Jo. See I have a deep and abiding love of Joanna Lumley which helps! xx

Polly //

I cannot wait for the new Ab Fab movie!! I’ve been rewatching the old episodes on Netflix lately!

Alison //

Thanks for the mention Kathryn! Also, how did I miss your new bricks account? Following now xx

Laura //

Oh I really love your happy lists Kat – and I really enjoyed watching your snapchats of the Boden Press Day! So excited to see the new series of Game of Thrones as well

Laura x

Kathryn //

Thanks Laura, I enjoy putting these posts together too. As for snapchat, another distraction – ha! x

Adele @ Beautiful Tribe //

Herbs on the shower head is a stroke of brilliance. I’m behind on Game of Thrones and totally undecided as to whether to get into it. It sucks so much emotional energy and I just got really pissed off with it last season? I suppose if I do decide to watch it now at least I’ll be taking it in doses rather than bingeing later and feeling a bit sick over it.

Kathryn //

It helps when you can only watch one episode at a time I think, it means we’re taking it in smaller doses! x


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