The Happy List #112


New coffee shops, the joys of hat wearing and a couple of trips to London. February wasn’t so bad after all.

Now it’s actually March, I’m not exactly full of the joys of spring at the moment. We’ve just had another dump of snow in Harrogate and it looked pretty for all of five minutes before turning to cold wet slush. Whenever it snows at this time of year I just feel a tad resentful, like ‘could you not just get your act together at Christmas?’ Better late than never is not always the case, especially when you’re looking to see daffodils and crisp, blue skies and spring clothes. Luckily there’s been some good stuff going on this last month so I’ll just focus on that for now.

I took a couple of trips to the capital, my first of the year after what seemed like a couple of sleepy, hibernating months in the north and it felt good to be back. The first one involved a few visual treats, which I covered in this post in case you didn’t see it.

The second trip involved a collaboration with White Stuff, shooting for their SS/15 campaign and doing some videoing too. Will share more as soon as it’s ready but it was a really fun day with a lovely crew and one of those ‘is this really happening?’ type moments which blogging sometimes throws up for me.

Trying out some new indie coffee shops that have cropped up recently in Harrogate, much to my delight. One of them, called UGOT has the sweetest interiors plus healthy/vegan food options and great coffee. See matcha and lavender muffin above!!

What else? Discovering an old hat that felt instantly new to me again. I’d lost my bobble hat temporarily which was the catalyst to me digging out an old grey trilby I once picked up in a vintage shop (and only really got used on high days and holidays i.e. festivals). I must wear it more often.

Getting a new pair of socks to add to my collection from the newly-opened online shop Haykin. There’s so much good stuff in there – check it out.

Snuggling up in an evening (still) watching Netflix with the mister. I don’t know what we’d do without it, especially in winter. recent films we’ve enjoyed include Testament of Youth, X+Y and A little Chaos. Give ’em a whirl.

And the snow, I guess, is pretty cool when seen through the eyes of your kids. Sorry for being a weather bore but I’m a bit over winter now.

However, I’m not so over it that I’m not excited to be heading off to a log cabin this weekend. We’re trying out the North Star Club and looking forward to getting off grid a bit in the forest (while enjoying a bit of luxury too). My kind of camping!

Have a great weekend folks!




Slummy single mummy //

Well done with the hat! I love it when you find something like that, that you’ve forgotten about, and you get the excitement of it all over again. That’s one of the perks of having a bad memory like me 🙂

sallytangle //

Oh Kat i always have such holiday envy about your lovely little getaways!!! You always make me realise how lovely the UK is for holiday-ing – i mean i know it is but there are so many lovely and even a little bit different places to go/stay. The Mr and i have vowed to getaway somewhere this year – we might even stay UK – just time away from the 9-5pm is rejuvenating in itself!! Even if it pours – you can;t clean the house on holiday can you? Well you know what i mean!

Such fab socks – love the colbalt-y blue. And i know what you mean. We keep getting fleeting days of cloudless blue skies, paired with the iciest temperatures – -3 the other day! Brrr! I’m just focusing on those extra moments of light first and last thing as the only constant that we are indeed moving in the right direction!

Flippin’ love your happy posts!

Have a lovely weekend away with your lovely bunch xxxx

Kathryn //

Thanks lovely Sally. It was a great weekend and just the treat we all needed. The kids played in the woods while I read tucked up by the log-burning stove! I’m all for staycations and just getting a break from the norm xx

Candy Pop //

Lovely post and I’m really looking forward to seeing your White Stuff video. We had literally five minutes of snow in Oxford! Have a gorgeous Sunday and Mother’s Day. x

Kathryn //

Thanks Natasha! Mother’s day was nice thanks. Bea kept saying Happy Birthday to me all day 🙂 xx

Molly //

Oh gosh – X and Y! Loved that film. Both me and the husband cried watching it – and he’s DEFINITELY not a crying type! Beautiful.

Katie @mummydaddyme //

It sounds like a lovely month. I am with you and totally over winter, although we haven’t even had a flake of snow here in Cambridgeshire. I just want it to be Spring and to be able to get a new spring wardrobe. ;0)

Laura //

Can’t wait to hear more about your NorthStar Club trip as your IG pics look amazing. I love reading your happy list and cannot wait to see the video footage of your White Stuff collab

Laura x


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