The Happy List #111


Since my last Happy List, I managed to break my finger – that’s not really a particularly happy thing but I’m ‘soldiering on’ and typing this one fingered (the struggle is real). But you’ll be glad to know it’s not all bad. Here are a few things that have been cheering me up. 

A bargainous coat that literally gives me the warm and fuzzies, since I look like I’m channelling Fozzie bear in it. It was from M&S and is sold out online but you could well find one in your local store still if you hunt around in the sale section. If not, I like this one, from Misguided or this one from Plumo. Teddy bear coats forever!

Despite the crazy, gusty wind of late (I’ve had to hang on to the kids for dear life on the school run), I saw the first of the crocuses peeping out on the Stray in Harrogate (and on February 1st), which I took as a very good sign indeed. Warmer, better days are coming friends.

On the subject of spring, I picked up a past edition of Kinfolk in a cafe recently and even though it was from a year ago, it still felt so fresh and relevant, it really got me yearning for spring blooms and gelato in the sunshine. It also finally convinced me that Kinfolk is not just some twatty hipster magazine but has some really great ‘evergreen’ content and might be worth investing in after all.

Again, talking of flowers (these links are seamless eh?), I got some ‘just because’ flowers from the mister the other day (maybe he felt sorry for me and my finger).

So, yeah more about my finger because I can tell you’re dying to hear all about it. It’s the tip of my ring finger and the weird thing is, this is the third time it’s fractured in exactly the same place. Weird, right? I guess I just have a weakness in it now, but it happens ridiculously easy, like if I happen to bend it back my accident. I’m having a follow-up appointment at the fracture clinic today where I hope to get some answers (or at the very least a lollipop). Anyone else experienced this?

What else. How about the mister’s homemade cinnamon buns for Sunday morning breakfast? He hadn’t made any in ages and then got a batch together one weekend much to everyone’s delight. The best bit is you can freeze half and then get them out to bake fresh when you really fancy them. Recipe here, if you’re interested.

Listening to the Labyrinth soundtrack thanks to my friend who copied it for me (it’s really expensive and notoriously hard to get a hold of apparently).

Florence has lost her front tooth. My little goofball has just got a whole lot more goofier. And even though she wrapped it up and put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy, Greig and I totally forgot to swap it for a coin when we came to bed (bad parents). In the morning, she was a little disappointed so we had to quickly make up an explanation on the spot and suggested that the tooth fairy couldn’t get through because her bedroom was so messy! Ha ha, are we too mean? At least it got her to tidy up and she definitely earned the pocket money.

Right I am literally off to the hospital with my silly finger. Hope you’re all good.

Bye for now!



Lizzie Woodman //

I have no advice on fingers sadly, but I hope it begins to feel better soon! Cinnamon buns sound perfect. I must try freezing some if I ever get round to making them again – they’re only nice when they’re fresh aren’t they, and recipes always makes so many. Giggling at your description of Kinfolk. I’ve never looked at it as I’d assumed the same.

Kathryn //

Thanks Lizzie. Hope you try the buns, they are perfect in the run up to easter especially! xx

Alison //

Ahh no, you poor thing fracturing your finger. Is there much they can do for that? (Is it strapped up?) At least your Asos coat looks fab – small consolation? 😉

Kathryn //

Thanks Alison it’s on the mend. Just had a special splint put on it at the fracture clinic today. My kids tell me it looks like a robot finger now (sexy)!

Polly //

that coat!!!! ANd i keep umming and ahing over kinfolk… maybe I’ll give it a go! {hope you’re finger isn’t too painful!}

Kathryn //

It’s feeling better thanks Polly (though I made need some surgery on it in due course – yikes). Yeah I think I might reappraise Kinfolk too xx

Candy Pop //

Sorry to hear about your finger, I hope they were able to explain why. That’s interesting about Labyrinth, my Mum has it on CD – she bought it after we saw it at the cinema – and has been playing it recently too! Have a lovely Thursday and see you next week! xx

sallytangle //

Oh KAT get well soon lovely lady!!! Totally just choked on my tea at your ‘twatty hipster’ mag reference!!!!! Hahaha!! Made me chuckle! And as for Florence, not bad parenting – more genius quick thinkers extraordinaire!!!!

Get well soon lovely one xxx

Alice //

Ahh another vote for how lush that coat is! And so sorry to hear about your finger, really hope it gets well soon xx

lori //

Bless you! Can’t believe you’ve broken it …ouch! You have me yearning for magazines and new clothes. I feel a online shop coming on x

fritha //

wah I think the asos link has sold out or doesn’t work, I can’t see the coat! interesting what you say about Kinfolk, I have to say it makes me eye roll but I’ve not looked at one in years so maybe I’m being too harsh! x

Rosie //

You’re not the only bad parents/stand-in tooth fairies…get this – we forgot the whole exchange thing TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW!! The excuse we gave was that the tooth fairies have been inundated these last few days and now, we can refer Annie to the tale of your little girl to vouch for us! Cheers!
With regard to broken bones, I have been reassured by more than one doctor that a broken bone does not necessarily mean there is now a weakness and therefore a propensity to further breaks. However, being the sceptical sort, I do wonder, and your story kinda proves that. Hope it’s sorted soon.


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