Top draws

Recently my friend pointed out to me how much she liked the packaging design of the cereal brand Mornflake (stick with me on this one!). I know what she means. Well, there are worse ways to start your day than with tasty, wholesome goodness and a box in front of you that looks a bit like one of Angie Lewin’s prints.
It got me thinking about packaging design; something I’ve always been rather keen on ever since I worked in a London design agency, many moons ago. I decided to have a rummage through my cupboards to see what else I could find. The Mornflake box is not alone it seems! Take a look around your supermarket and you’ll see that more and more brands are turning to beautiful illustration to decorate their packages and make them stand out on the shelf. It’s not just about pretty patterns either. The kind of brands that favour this type of look are intelligently appealing to a certain customer. Notice how all the examples below are to be found on slightly more natural, wholesome, even healthy goods that are bought, in the main, by a particular sort of consumer.
Regardless of demographics and buying types, I just think it’s great that packaging (which we do still need in some shape or form) can be a positive experience and even a showcase for beautiful illustration and graphic design.

What do you think? What are your favourite packaging designs and why?


Vintage craft patterns

Look what I unearthed at my local charity shop the other day! I found a box full of these craft magazines from a collectors’ series called Pattern Library, dating back to the Seventies.

Aside from my interest in craft, I just love the unmistakeable retro colours and designs of these patterns, from the groovy flower power style illustration to the cute and kitsch projects for the home. They say if you want some inspiration, look no further than the past…


Something for the Weekend

This Friday’s special little something comes from AllJoy Design and, true to its word, this company’s products do bring a smile to the face. Having just moved house, I finally have a box room that is designated space for my home office so I’m on the look out for any nice bits of stationery that I can buy under the guise of ‘office supplies’.
This sweet looking apple is actually a notepad. Each slice is a piece of paper (complete with a seed). Apparently it’s advisable to buy two, otherwise you will never bear to use it – I can imagine! There’s also a red apple and a juicy looking pear too, if that takes your fancy. Note-taking has never been so tasty.


Be super in the Community

Just a quick post today to tell you all about a brilliant campaign from one of my favourite retailers White Stuff. 
If you’ve ever wanted to do your bit and make a difference in your local community but are not sure how to without the necessary funds, then why not enter this competition? Those lovely people from White Stuff are giving away £5000 towards a community-based project. It could be anything from sprucing up the local park or giving the church hall a makeover.
Get your thinking caps on because you will need to tell White Stuff in 200 words or less why they should give the money to you and the deadline for entries is 7th Feb. For more info and to enter click here 
Good luck!


Something for the weekend

This is the first post in a new feature on the blog called Something for the Weekend, where I will be posting a special little inspirational something every Friday.
Today’s treat is this gorgeous necklace, by Leeds-based designer-maker Linneke of Wiv Wuv. 
It’s no secret that I love teapots (among other things), so I was naturally drawn to this but Linneke’s range includes lots of other great imaginative pieces, made from either wood (usually birch) or acrylic and either silver or gold plated. A range made from recycled leather is also coming soon.
Her work is inspired by nature, animals, literature and music and is designed to make people smile.Well it certainly had the desired effect on me. I love the way that her pieces are both comical yet decorative, pretty yet slightly edgy.
For more information and to have a good old gander at the rest of the range, take a look at