Something for the Weekend

If you’re thinking of buying an inspired little something for your loved one this coming Valentine’s Day then how about this gorgeous heart-shaped collage by Hello Geronimo?
Oh how do I love this, let me count the ways.
1, I defy anyone not to be cheered on some level by the name Hello Geronimo.
2, I adore things made out of buttons and found objects (I will never understand how anyone can have a phobia of buttons – or Koumpounophobia to give it its proper title, but let’s just say I am a buttonphile and leave it at that).

3, I have a softspot for anything collage-like and this is one of the best examples I have seen.
4, While artworks like this can be bought ready-made I like the idea that you could possibly substitute some of your own favourite buttons or badges to truly personalise it.
5, This is a great way of introducing a new objet d’art into the house under the guise of buying a romantic present for your other half (but really we all know it’s a gift to yourself).
Check out the other designs, which include stags, butterflies and birds at


Orla Kiely Bag giveaway

This is just a short post to let you know about a giveaway that is just too good to keep to myself. If, like me, you didn’t manage to get your mitts on one of the Orla Kiely bags designed for Tesco recently then you should get yourself along to one of my favourite blogs where the lovely Rebeka Cohen is running a competition to win one of several said bags (which she did manage to get her mitts on).

The competition ends on 14th February and you can follow the instructions to enter here Good luck!!


May the best blog win!

Hi everyone,

There’s only a couple more days of voting to go in the Dorset Cereals Little Blog Awards.
I’m currently in second place so the race is on! Every vote counts so if you have read and enjoyed my blog and think it deserves to win, then please, please take a mo to vote.

Here’s the link

– or you can use the button on the right hand side of the blog.

Whatever happens, it’s been a pleasure taking part and I just want to thank everyone who has supported my blog along the way.

Lots of love,



Something for the Weekend

Today’s eye-candy is provided by these oh-so-cute bags from Made by Loulabell.

Made from vintage curtain fabric and left-over upholstery scraps, the shape was inspired by a late 60s pattern that Verity Warne, Made by Loulabell’s designer-maker,  found in a charity shop.

Verity is a real fabric gannet and lover of vintage style and design – particularly from the 50s, 60s and 70s. When she’s not creating lovely things, Verity also teaches workshops in Oxford at sewing & upholstery shop Darn it and Stitch and writes tutorials and feature articles for UKHandmade magazine and blog. 

You can view more items from Made by Loulabell here


Top draws

Recently my friend pointed out to me how much she liked the packaging design of the cereal brand Mornflake (stick with me on this one!). I know what she means. Well, there are worse ways to start your day than with tasty, wholesome goodness and a box in front of you that looks a bit like one of Angie Lewin’s prints.
It got me thinking about packaging design; something I’ve always been rather keen on ever since I worked in a London design agency, many moons ago. I decided to have a rummage through my cupboards to see what else I could find. The Mornflake box is not alone it seems! Take a look around your supermarket and you’ll see that more and more brands are turning to beautiful illustration to decorate their packages and make them stand out on the shelf. It’s not just about pretty patterns either. The kind of brands that favour this type of look are intelligently appealing to a certain customer. Notice how all the examples below are to be found on slightly more natural, wholesome, even healthy goods that are bought, in the main, by a particular sort of consumer.
Regardless of demographics and buying types, I just think it’s great that packaging (which we do still need in some shape or form) can be a positive experience and even a showcase for beautiful illustration and graphic design.

What do you think? What are your favourite packaging designs and why?