Something for the Weekend

I can’t decide if this idea is a bit bonkers or completely genius (probably a bit of both) but I just wanted to share it with you. I think we all know how wonderful it is to receive something special in the post like a hand-written card or a gift-wrapped present. Julie Andrews sang about brown paper parcels tied up with string and I’m not surprised that they were one of her favourite things either. Anything that isn’t a bill, junk mail or addressed to the previous owners brightens up my day and if I receive a surprise package filled with delightful things it can make my week. But for most of us, this only happens around birthdays and Christmas. But not for much longer… 
Not Another Bill is the brainchild of Ned Corbett-Winder who has just launched this subscription-based gift service. You can sign up yourself or a loved one for a one, three or six month subscription and once a month you’ll receive a surprise parcel of trinkets and ephemera, selected by Ned from his stores of second-hand finds or commissioned from designers. The best bit is, you never know what you’re going to get!
Images taken from Not Another Bill website


My first award

I was very touched recently to be given a Kreativ Blogger award! This award is purely and simply to encourage bloggers and showcase others and was given to me by the very lovely and talented Georgia Coote. Georgia designs wonderful surface patterns and her own blog is a complete joy! 
The Kreativ Blogger award decrees that a recipient should give ten facts about themselves and nominate their ten favourite blogs. So here you go.
10 things you may not know about me
1) I love bright colour but I very rarely wear it. Sounds bizarre I know, but I usually only wear blue (my favourite colour) as well as black, grey and brown. Everything tends to mix and match a bit easier this way!
2) I can’t get through the day without twitter. As a freelancer, I work alone and checking in with everyone on twitter is a bit like stopping by the photocopier for a quick chat to catch up.
3) I am addicted to Horlicks! It may seem like a bit of an OAP drink (and indeed my granny did introduce me to it) but I always have a cup before bed to help me sleep.
4) I have a girl crush on Joanna Lumley and would like to be her when I grow up (one day). Not many actresses can boast a career that spans The Avengers, James Bond and Ab Fab. And then she campaigned for the Gurkhas (and won), which just proves my point.
5) I love bees and, even more so, honey. I will consume honey in any way I can (on toast, in tea, within my beauty products). I’ve also been on a bee-keeping course and got to wear the kit and look inside a hive.
6) My claim to fame is that I once met Kate Winslet and stayed the night in her house. She used her Bafta awards as doorstops and there was a hand-written note on her fax machine from Leonardo de Caprio!!! Me, starstruck? Not at all!
7) I love teapots. I have a burgeoning collection, which is good because I drink a lot of tea!
8) Kathryn is my full name but all my family and childhood friends actually call me Katy.
9) A long time ago I gave up a career in a top London advertising agency to spend the summer working as a waitress in a cocktail bar called The B52 on the greek island of Kos. Odd decision but a good one ultimately as it led me to retrain as a journalist.
10) As a result of the above I can always remember the constituents of a B52 (Kahlua, Baileys and Grand Marnier).

Above image created by Georgia Coote

And here are my chosen ten blogs, all of which I read and enjoy immensely:
Now linkees, I urge you to do the same and spread the word!


Finders keepers

I thought it was about time I started to keep track of all my second hand finds so I’m introducing a little featurette on the blog called Finders Keepers. And to kick us off, how do you like this little dish I snapped up yesterday for all of a pound? I think I’m going to use it in the bathroom to keep cotton wool pads in (or some such detritus!). I love the colours of the flower design and it’s a decent enough size to actually store something useful.

P.S. Believe it or not, the toy cowboy really was kicking around in my bathroom so I decided to include it in the shot – such are the joys of having a four year old boy!

P.P.S. Don’t forget there’s still time to enter the Rachael Taylor Designs giveaway. You can do so here.


A Life in the Week

This week it’s all about the girl, namely my little one Florence, who has just learned to walk.
Look, no hands!
I know it’s not a big deal in the vast scheme of things and, let’s face it, other mammals manage to perform this feat within minutes of being born. But seeing my little girl slowly gain her balance, strength and confidence has been lovely to watch and it’s made me think about these first steps, the first of many I hope…
…the first time she walks barefoot through the summer grass or into the sea. The first time she walks into school or her first disco! The first time she wears heels and dances or the first time she walks up a mountain. The first time she walks into a job (or maybe stomps out of one!). The first time she walks hand in hand with her first love (and maybe her last). The time she walks down the aisle (or is it up?). The first time she walks her own child in its buggy and watches them take their first steps.
Will she walk the line or walk on the wild side? Somewhere in between I hope!
Life is all about firsts in so many ways. I don’t intend to ever stop experiencing my own firsts but I think life is also about watching and enjoying other people’s firsts too. Here’s to the walk of life.


Caravan of love

Maybe it’s the change in weather, but I’m really starting to hanker for a holiday. And I’d really like to take it in one of these.For a good part of my childhood my parents took us on caravanning holidays in the UK. It was the only way they could afford a holiday with four kids, back in the days before economy flights. At the time I don’t think I really appreciated how cool our caravan was. It was quite retro even then but really well made and built to last. It had an orange and brown colour scheme inside (need I say more?) and I also remember the brown and cream plastic Tupperware set that we ate and drank everything from. My favourite bit was the little foot pedal that pumped in the water to the sink. I really, really wish my parents hadn’t sold it (when I was still young and foolish and didn’t care for such things!) as I would give my eye teeth to have it now. And if I did have it, I would like to decorate it something like this…
 I’m taking lots of inspiration from the book My Cool Caravan written by Jane Field-Lewis and Chris Haddon, which celebrates vintage caravanning in all its guises and is a really good guide to buying, renovating and enjoying them. I first came across these guys at the Vintage at Goodwood festival last year where there was a wonderful display of some of the best specimens of restored caravans. A new book called My Cool Campervan is due to be launched soon and there’s more details on the website
My other, rather indulgent dream, is to find one of those little baby caravans to do up and have permanently stationed in the back garden, which I could use either as playhouse for the kids (how cool would that be?) or maybe even a little outdoor hidey-hole for me, whenever I want to escape and think. Something tells me that the kids might win that one!
All images from weheartit