Finders Keepers

We renovated (did up) our house and moved in a few months ago and since then it has remained a bit of a blank canvas (white box) so I’m really pleased to be able to start introducing a bit more personality to the place, without breaking the bank (that was already done quite successfully just by buying the house). 
My local charity shop has really come up trumps for me in the last few weeks and I’ve managed to pick up a couple of lovely pieces. I’ve been employing a new tactic: if you see it and you like it buy it! Besides I can usually persuade the mister he likes it too.  
First up, a new hall mirror. I love the shape of this because it reminds me a bit of a cloud or a thought bubble. Maybe I will be struck with inspiration when I look in it before hurrying out the door (doubtful). Please note the key features of bevel edging and original chain.
Think happy thoughts…
Then I found this little upholstered linen box, which can double as storage or a seat. I’ve been looking for something like this for the bathroom so that I can sit while I bathe the kids or use it to rest a drink and a book while I’m wallowing myself. Oh and my mum says it’s Lloyd Loom due to the distinctive braided edging, which is good isn’t it? She asked me if I was going to paint it but I think that would spoil it, don’t you?
From bed to bath (and beyond?)
Comments, as always, much appreciated especially if you can help me identify the little LL box!!


From the Wilde giveaway: RESULT!!!!

With the help of my able assistant Charlie, we have a winner for the gorgeous Julia Davey robot mug!

And the lucky winner is Lisa from Mathilde Heart Manech. Congratulations Lisa, I’ll be in touch for your address and your prize will be in the post soon.
Thanks again to everyone for entering and don’t be too downhearted, there’s plenty more fish in the sea and I will be running another giveaway soon. In the meantime, you could always treat yourself to something nice over at From the Wilde


A Life in the Week

I warn you now, this is a bit of boasty post. Well aren’t most blog posts a little like that anyway? But you’ll understand why I had to share the following. It was mine and my husband’s wedding anniversary last week. We don’t usually go too crazy. We might try to have a special meal and buy each other a nice card. And as for presents, well, sometimes the mister’s past form has been a bit sketchy (this is the man who once bought me a Thesaurus and a dictionary because I’m a writer – bless him!). So I was very surprised and touched when I got to open a succession of lovely gifts over the course of the day that were… just what I always wanted!!!!

The third anniversary is traditionally celebrated with leather, so the first gift I opened was a lovely little leather-bound notebook in duck egg blue.

I thought that was my lot, but then I got two gorgeous notebooks from Paperchase (I love stationery and I write a lot, so these are always a winner).

Then just before I sat down to breakfast, I was given the third present so I could enjoy my boiled egg in it.

Then later on I opened this book on Joanna Lumley (as some of you may know, I have a big crush on her!), which I’m looking forward to dipping into with some yummy chocolate treats from Hotel Chocolat.

But the piece de resistance has to be this gorgeous vintage-style cake stand, which really made me squeal! I have organised a royal wedding tea party just so I can use it.

I’ve decided that when I’m not serving cake on it, I will use it to display jewellery on my dressing table so it can do double duty. Well some things are too nice to save just for best!

As you can imagine I felt spoilt rotten and reminded, yet again, of how lucky I am.
Happy Anniversary G!!!

(And just for those romantics among you, here’s a wedding snap).


Something for the Weekend

So we’re all agreed that charity shops rule and thrifting is most definitely cool. Yes, absolutely, good, good! 
But what if you work all week and Saturday is the only chance you get to hunt for second hand treasure (and everyone usually seems to have got there before you)? Or, as so many people often say to me: “I don’t know how you manage to find stuff in charity shops. Whenever I go in I just take one look round and leave.” 
‘Tis true, not everyone has the time or the inclination to rummage and riffle through other people’s cast-offs in the hope of unearthing that hidden gem. Which is precisely why new online store Thrift-ola is such an inspired idea. Selling a specially selected range of retro, kitsch and quirky second-hand items, Thrift-ola is the brainchild of Leona who cherry-picks gems from all over the UK and even refreshes and upcycles some items using her craft skills.
To celebrate the shop’s first month’s trading Leona also launched ‘Make me an offer Monday’ where, on the first Monday of every month,  you can have a bit of a haggle with her on any item that takes your fancy and you might just bag yourself a bargain. Genius eh?
Here’s a few of my favourite picks…
Fuzzy Felts!!!
Cross-stitch patterned plate
My mister would love these!
Fruity shot glasses
Ladybird book
Lovely tea cosy!
All images taken from the Thrift-ola website.


Five minutes with…

Gail Myerscough of seventyseventyone design
This talented designer/maker from Lancashire creates sculptural fashion accessories from wool mix felt in an array of eye-popping colours. Her inspiration comes from 60s and 70s designs and colours, in particular 1960s Scandinavian ceramics and fabrics and mid century design. She is also one of the funniest and most down to earth people I’ve met!

1) Sum up yourself in five words.

Creative, hopeful, honest, funny, individual.
2) Describe your place of work.
Cramped, organised chaos.
3) Early bird or night owl?
Neither. I love to sleep. I’m famed for my ability to sleep anywhere!
4) What music are you listening to most right now?
Gonjasufi, Gruff Rhys and Aloe Blacc at the moment. I have phases where I’ll play something to death. I love music especially folk, psychedelic, 60s garage, reggae and northern soul. I can’t work without music so Spotify is invaluable. 
5) What are you most of proud of?
As far as my work goes it would be exhibiting my work at the British Craft Trade Fair and the positive reactions that people have had to my work. 
6) Coffee or tea?
Tea all the way. I’m happy with a brew in my hand. Brick red, no sugar if you’re putting the kettle on. 
7) Who’s your hero and why?
I admire lots of people for their creativity, individuality and integrity but I don’t have a hero.
8) Favourite book/film?
Book would be The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I read a lot and could name so many more.
Film would be Withnail & I. 
9) Tell us one surprising fact about yourself
I can use my toes like fingers and pick things up with them!
10) What’s the dream?
For seventyseventyone design to be successful enough to be my main job.  
For more news and general brilliance from this designer be sure to check out Gail’s blog
Stay tuned for the next Five minutes with…  coming soon!