Lounge makeover: the plan

For quite some time now, I’ve been feeling a bit fed up with our lounge. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine in essentials: decent laminate wood flooring, nice pale grey walls and some good bits of furniture. But I guess I’m just a bit bored; it feels tired and a little unloved. It needs a refresh, a mini-makeover. Ideally I’d love to get a new sofa but while our kids our still quite little, our ten year old, beige, slightly saggy L-shaped couch will have to suffice for now. But I’m hoping to give it all a bit of a lift soon with some new cushions and accessories. I’ll do a proper before-and-after reveal post in due course, but for now I’m all about the planning (and the pinning of course!). Luckily there’s no shortage of interiors inspiration or living room ideas these days and I’m collecting together some plans already. I think this is the best part actually and Autumn seems the perfect time to start a little project like this.PicMonkey CollageAt the moment, I have far too many old cushions – a sad collection of mismatched buys over the years. I’d like to get a coordinating set of scatter cushions in linen and cotton to make the sofa look smart but still interesting. We also have a corner in our lounge that is still unused (apart from as a buggy park), so I’d like to find a piece of furniture that fills this space and ‘completes’ the room. I’d even quite like to source an old, second-hand bureau desk and maybe up-cycle it.

Lounge-makeoverIn several other rooms in our home, we’ve put up those mini shelves from Ikea, which are a great way to display pictures, prints and whatnot so I’d like to do this is in our lounge too. This room has quite a lot of natural light from two large sash windows. However they do face out on to a busy main road and I’d like to keep things bright but private with Venetian blinds or something similar. I’m also on the lookout for some ‘accent’ accessories to add a bit more interest.

Take a look at my new Lounge Makeover Pinterest board if you want to see more ideas like these and follow on with the project.


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Alice //

Can’t wait to see what you do with the room! I always think it’s absolutely amazing the difference cushions can make. I go on a cushion spree about once every 12 months and love it 😉

Kathryn //

I know that feeling Jess, it’s frustrating isn’t it – hope you get settled somewhere one day soon x


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