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Image credit: The White Company / Stag head / side table / pendant light

It’s been a few weeks since we spent the weekend at the amazing North Star Club – you can read the review post here if you missed it – and I’m still thinking about that wonderful woodland cabin we stayed in. Simple, natural but still cosy and luxurious; the interiors were very much my cup of tea. Okay you probably wouldn’t try to recreate the whole look at home but you could certainly borrow a few ideas. So if you’d like to shop the style, here are a few things I found online recently.

Spare, industrial-style, metallic edges look good when softened with sheepskin rugs, luxurious bedding and the glow of candlelight in reflective, glass votives. If taxidermy isn’t your thing, you can always get the hunting lodge feel with faux stag heads like this fun, patchwork version.592240-st-bir-9976-72PicMonkey Collage5Wire shelving unit / sheepskin rug / tealight-holder / sheepskin chair cover

I love the minimal, almost crude look of wire storage solutions that look quite basic and utilitarian┬álike this fold-down bureau above. Look for similar items that can double as wall shelving, bathroom cabinets or a coat stand and hall tidy. Accessories (useful and/or ornamental) add interest as well as purpose. It’s all about the contrasting textures that stop things looking either too sumptuous or too sparse.ZCESHCOBATbaathroom 2

Freestanding bath / window mirror / stone wash basin / lantern

The bathroom at North Star was indulgent and spacious with plenty of natural materials to continue the theme including slate tiles and lots of wood accessories. A large freestanding bath makes a great statement but you can also get the effect on a smaller scale with this stone wash basin from Mrs Stone Store. A large decorative mirror will make the space feel bigger and brighter while tealight holders and lanterns set the mood for a candlelit soak.eace7693f9e5d14cdf91682d67852ffe


Image credit: Nordic House / Candle holder / Fire side basket / Faux fur blanket

A real fire is pretty central to the whole luxury woodland cabin feel (one of my favourite bits about North Star was having one in the corner of our bedroom and falling to sleep, soothed by its warmth and glow). Whether or not you have a stove, you can create the effect with a stack of chopped logs artfully displayed in a fireplace or a wicker basket that will still look good illuminated by candles during the milder months. For decent-sized, good looking logs just google your local fuel merchant (we use this one). You could even get really adventurous and fill a whole alcove of your lounge with logs! For more interiors ideas like this check out my pinterest board here.



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mrs stone store //

Using natural materials in your rooms is a great way to bring the beauty of outdoors into your home. You can’t beat the way they feel to the touch and also they can be used with such a variety of themes and styles with ease.

Kathryn //

Me too, but it’s quite hard to find good quality, affordable sheepskin. The fake stuff isn’t the same really. x

Kathryn //

One day I will have a totally calm Scandi house (maybe when the kids are grown up!) xx


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