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Last weekend we gave our bedroom a new lick of white paint and rearranged some furniture. Well I say ‘we’, I did help a bit but Greig did the lion’s share while I kept the kids out of the way! Our bedroom really needed brightening up as it was the one room in the house that had never been properly decorated since we moved in five years ago.

We’ve also used it as an excuse to have a bit of a clear out and a switch around with some furniture, which should help the room feel more spacious and less cluttered. I’ll share a proper post of the new look soon. But while gathering ideas on pinterest, I started to spot a recurring theme in some of my pins – the idea of a bedroom as an alternative lounge! 

Stick with me on this, but it seems to me that we are using our bedrooms more like traditional boudoirs again. They are more than just places to sleep, but where we spend time relaxing, exercising, studying, eating and even working (often in the company of others). And we’re decorating them accordingly, with furniture and accessories more traditionally used in a lounge or living room.

Our headboards are doubling up as mantelpieces, coffee tables are taking the place of linen boxes and laminate is replacing carpet. Often traditional fireplaces are a really nice feature of a bedroom in older properties, where the mantelpiece can be used for displaying plants and adding personality. And even if you don’t have the original fireplace or live in a newer property you can always source one to create a feature in your bedroom – try Thornhill Galleries for both antique or reproduction fireplaces.

Lighting, rugs, throws, vases, candles, flowers, plants and objet d’art are now more than ever being used to great effect in bedrooms. In particular, I love the idea of using a sideboard instead of a traditional dressing table (as has been done so well in the examples below) – so much so that I’ve decided to do the same.

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A few years ago we picked up a retro sideboard in a local vintage shop and it’s been in our back room (storing DVDs, admittedly). I don’t feel like we’ve done it justice or made as much use of it as we should have done – it’s a lovely piece of dark honey coloured, mid-century furniture and it deserves to be enjoyed.

So when I spotted this idea on pinterest, it was a bit of a lightbulb moment (love, love, love pinterest) and we’ve now moved it up to our bedroom. It’s taken the place of a dressing table that took up far too much room and was more ornamental than useful. Instead, the sideboard looks great: modern yet vintage and it really complements the bed.

It makes sense too; I’ll enjoy this piece of furniture in our bedroom (both practically as well as aesthetically) far more than I currently do where it resides in our back room. The extra storage space will come in handy and I think I’ll enjoy styling up the surface with some of my favourite things. The mister is already enjoying the fact that he can now share this piece of furniture with me as there are lots of useful cupboards and drawers to store jumpers, socks and cufflinks etc. And the surface is an excellent space for extra lamps, candles, a vase of flowers plus my ever growing collection of jewellery, which can be out on display.

It’s completely transformed the mood of the room from a slightly cramped place where we sleep to one of my favourite rooms in the house, where I want to spend even more time than I do already. I might even introduce a floor lamp and another chair, who knows!? Will share more photos of this mini room makeover soon so you can see what I mean.


What kind of environment do you want your bedroom to be?



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Keri-Anne //

I cannot wait to see your transformed room! I am forever in my bedroom. It is my favourite room and we all hang out in there more than any other room. I have my craft area in there and we like to get cosy under the duvet with a movie in there too. I love that we can double up this room as it is one of the biggest rooms in the house and just so cosy and i love it 🙂

fritha //

I’m 100% in that zone where I want to re-paint the whole house! my tummy is giving me limitations though! Tom repainted the bathroom the other day and it was amazing the different a bit of white paint had! I really want to paint the wall behind our bedroom a lovely pastel pink I have from Farrow and Ball but not sure how likely it will in the next few weeks! x

Candy Pop //

I love all the bedroom images and I can’t wait to see your new room. As you know I love my room to feel like a clutter-free calm retreat and a fancy boutique hotel rolled into one! Happy, happy, happy birthday! xx

Alice //

I think I need a sideboard in my life now!

My bedroom is my definite retreat – I keep it minimal, clean… a bit like a refuge away from the busyness every day life. It’s my favourite room in the house! x

Alison //

YES! Love this idea. I think turning your bedroom into a living space / haven is on the money. It’s nice to have a little sanctuary you can retreat to, for some space. And I have been hankering after a mid-century sideboard for ages so love these. Can’t wait to see your room!

polly //

love this idea! I made our bedroom my little haven when we moved house, I spend my evenings in there if G is at work – it’s cosier than reading on teh sofa!

Lori //

I love bedroom interiors at the mo and having been pinning like crazy! I also love the idea of a sideboard in the bedroom and we’ve been looking for the perfect feature for our room. x

Laura //

I love all of these bedroom inspiration images and I’m on the lookout for a retro sideboard myself, just feels like our bedroom is constantly being worked on and never finished

Laura x

Lins @Boo & Maddie //

Such beautiful inspirations and I definitely agree that the bedrooms are becoming more of a multi-functional space. Our bedroom is up in the loft conversion and it really does feel that we are away from the rest of the house. That said we need to do a lot of work to revamp it but one day a haven awaits X

Kathryn //

Oh wow, I dream of having our bedroom up in the rafters. If we ever decided to have a loft conversion that would be my goal! x

Lisa //

Love this post! Our bedroom doubles up as a mini cinema as we have a projector. I’d love to get a sofa and coffee table in there too!

Lia //

I don’t spend as much time in my bedroom as I should really, so this has got me thinking! Our room is really minimalist: dark floors, white walls, low bed with white bedding. I like it simple, it feels calming but could probably do with a nice chair or something to maybe sit & read on without having to get in to bed!

Claire //

Really love this concept. We’re looking to buy somewhere in Amsterdam where space is limited so we’re definitely going to have to be clever when it comes to interiors and how we use the space. Love the Pinterest board 🙂

Kathryn //

Thanks Claire. How exciting, I’d love to live in Amsterdam – what an adventure!! x


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