It’s easy to think of our wardrobes in a seasonal way but how about interiors? And in particular the bedroom. 

I’m not sure I have the time or energy to regularly update the rest of the house but our bedroom is the one room I always try to adapt a little to suit the changing temperatures and light levels of the seasons. Because in spring/summer I like it to be light, airy and cool while in autumn/winter it needs to be warm, snug and cosseting. Here are a few ideas to try.


Change your bedding – literally!

Obviously it’s wise to regularly change your bedlinen from a fresh and clean perspective but I also like to switch up the look and feel of my duvet covers and pillowcases so they reflect the lighter, longer days and often warmer nights. So that means bringing out one of my favourite, lightweight cotton sets in either a nice fresh white (it’s a classic) or something a little brighter and cheerier such as stripes or even a floral print. I love mixing blues, white and greys and I’ve got my eye on this new set from Lulu & Nat, which feels really summery in a deckchair kind of way.

Swap your duvet around

Most people have a lighter summer duvet and a heavier winter one, right? If not, then you need to investigate that! As someone who loves to be really cosy in winter, I enjoy getting my goosedown feather duvet out of storage when the chilly winter nights start to bite but equally I can’t sleep well at night if I’m too hot and that’s when we know it’s time to swap to a lower tog duvet, usually around April.

Invest in a new mattress

On a similar note, if you’re struggling to get a good night’s sleep, whatever the season, it might be worth investing in a new mattress. I’ve heard good things about Bruno, (they were named by the Independent as best mattress for 2017). Not only do they have a built-in 7 zone support system but also a springy natural latex top layer, designed to allow air to flow easily while you sleep, regulating your temperature to cool you in summer and warm you in winter. It’s also worth noting that this latex layer is naturally hypoallergenic to provide constant freshness and is the ideal sleeping surface for those prone to allergies. Also good to know: they source their latex from sustainable rubber tree plantations using fair trade methods. And with a 101 days return policy, what’s not to love?


Pile on the layers

As well as swapping your duvet weight (see above), I think autumn / winter is the perfect time to start transforming your bedroom into even more of a retreat for those lazy weekends when you just want to hunker down and read a book / listen to the radio / snuggle with your gang. So this is when I get the blankets or quilts out to add an extra layer of comfort. Not only is  it a good way to add a new look to the room but it’s nice to have something soft and snuggly at the end of the bed if you feel a chill in the night. La Redoute has some nice options from traditional quilted throwovers to beautiful bohemian bedspreads like this one, for a more ethnic feel. See also Anthropologie’s range – just stunning!

Add warm textures / details

I think woven wall-hangings are a really nice way to add some warmth and texture to any room. The one by my bed-side is from etsy and I like the autumnal colours. I also love textile artist Mary Maddocks‘ work and she also runs weaving workshops where you can learn to make your own. While plants add greenery and freshness in spring, I think dried flowers and seed heads can look nice in autumn and obviously don’t require light and water, which is when my cotton flower arrangement comes into its own. I’ve said it before but I also think some metallic accessories can add warmth and light in winter, especially copper and rose gold. And if in doubt, just get the fairly lights out. Seriously what could be easier and cheaper than entwining a string of twinkly lights around your headboard, to give your bed that tempting, heartwarming glow?


Need I say more? Okay how about trying a few different candles, that do more than just look pretty. Depending on the seasons, some aromatherapy candles can have a positive effect on your wellbeing as well as your decor. The Scentered candle range offers four different candles – De Stress, Be Happy, Love and Escape.  Or try Neom for a range of benefits from the relaxing Scent to Sleep range (I can personally recommend) to more energising mood-boosting scents, which could help if you’re struggling to get up on dark, winter mornings.

And with that I’m *almost* looking forward to autumn.



Disclosure: In collaboration with Bruno mattresses – Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog!





Kathryn //

It’s crazy I know, but August up north can almost feel like a countdown to Autumn can’t it? xx

Sarah Williams //

Amazing decor!! I was looking for some fresh design inspirations for the bedroom, and I think this post will be perfect..Thank you so much for sharing this post …Feeling Inspired!


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