If first impressions count then the hallway is probably the most important room in the house. Which is why we’ve been trying to give ours a bit of a revamp recently.

Last weekend we finally got around to starting a little home project we’ve been wanting to try for ages now. It’s nothing ground-breaking, we just wanted to create a gallery wall of pictures and prints on our hall staircase. We have a lot of white wall space in our hall and on the stairs, which not only attracts scratches and grubby hand prints from the kids but is also crying out for a bit of personality.

With a bit of curation and decision-making (me) and some hammering of thumb nails (Greig) we managed to put up a little montage of about seven pieces; an eclectic mix of mis-matched frames and memories which immediately makes me smile when I head up or down stairs. As usual, I wonder why it took us so long to get around to doing it when just a bit of time and effort makes a big difference.

It’s still a work in progress but now that we’ve made a start I think it will be easier to add the odd piece here and there and I hope that the display will eventually grow to stretch the length and breadth of the stairs. The kids have been surprisingly appreciative of it too and hopefully they’ll use the bannister now rather than scuffing the wall!

Anyway, I’ll try to get a few photographs of said wall to share at some point but in the meantime, I’ve been updating my Pinterest with a few more ideas on how we can refresh this area of the house and make it work for a busy family of five.

1. When it comes to the floor, I’d recommend laminate flooring for a hallway – I just think it’s easier to keep clean than carpet, especially in an area that experiences such wear and tear and you can always warm it up with rugs/runners.

2. Make the stairs a feature. If you don’t have carpet or want to rip out the existing one, you could try painting the wooden treads. I love the green used below. You could try something playful like a rainbow of alternating colours or a cool monochrome look like this fab staircase makeover by Grillo Designs.

3. An easy and affordable way to brighten up your hall is with a friendly doormat or welcoming signage.

4. Try painting the interior-facing side of your front door as an alternative way to add colour and make a statement.




/ Hello coat rack, Block Design / Berber style wool hall runner, La RedoutePinnig coat rack, Ikea /  Ercol love seat, Heals / Bronze storage baskets, Matalan / Sejet doormat, Ikea / Let’s Stay Home print, Etsy /


5. The gallery wall is not a new idea but as I mentioned earlier, it’s still a decorative feature that many of us are still attempting. As ever, the eclectic ‘thrown together’ look is my favourite. Look out for a variety of different types of frame in charity shops and the rest is up to you; postcards, prints, embroidery, kids’ artwork. If you’re not sure how to tackle the logistics, check out this brilliant how-to post by Lisa Dawson. Her hallway is superb!

6. Try using paint to divide the wall and create a dado rail effect with hooks; perfect for coats, bags and hats.

7. Another easy and cheap tip is to create a cloakroom area with a simple bench (or shelf attached to the wall) and use woven baskets to keep shoes, umbrellas and accessories easy to hand but tidied away

8. And finally I love the idea of using your hall as another place for a bookshelf. Top with plants and a few bowls for keys, post and knick-knacks.

images via my here


Disclosure: collaborative post


Lucy //

Totally agree about hallway flooring. We have wood and it’s nice and easy to keep clean. Looking forward to seeing your new look. It’s really fun doing a project together isn’t it?

Kirsty //

I love this!!! I’m in a bit of a hallway rut myself at the moment so this has been really helpful! THANK you

Kathryn //

Glad to provide a bit of inspo. I’m sure your hallway will look fab if the rest of your house is anything to go by xx

Danish Pastry //

I wouldn’t call our entrance area a hall, it’s far too square and way smaller than the gargantuan hall of my childhood home (8 doors, plenty of wall space, a staircase and more square meters than my bedroom!).
We tend to use the back door, so the front entrance is relatively clutter free when guests come; a chest of draws, a row of Knax hooks for coats, a shoe horn and plenty of plants. The flooring is practical slate effect tiles, they are so easy to mop! I do need to sort some art work though, it’s south facing and gets rather hot when the sun shines so I’m loath to spend too much on something that will probably fade.
Oh and with all that light, it gets used as a frost free greenhouse for young seedlings!


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