Creating a gallery wall with a mix of prints and colours is something I was really looking forward to when it came to our latest room makeover. But oh the agony of choice!

I have a pinterest board filled with inspiring examples of great gallery walls. Creating the perfect mix of arty prints and typographic mottos is an art form in itself and one I’ve always admired. So I was pleased to collaborate with Desenio on this project as I’d been really impressed with their range and choice. But oh my goodness, the choice. Greig and I spent quite a few evenings on the sofa, peering at the laptop, trying to decide on the type and size of prints we both liked.

I guess you want this kind of feature to say a little something about both your personalities as well being a stylish complement to the room scheme and the rest of the decor. We also agreed that we wanted plenty of bright, white space in our prints combined with white frames so that the arrangement would stand out against the new dark green walls.I’ve always been drawn to the font used in the two typographic prints we picked and I think they coordinate well. The ampersand print is a motif I love (we have a wooden one in our other room) and for me it’s almost shorthand for ‘family’ or ‘us’ in a kind of ‘more the merrier’ type way. We also wanted one motivational quote (I think one is probably enough otherwise I feel like my walls are lecturing me) and this one – Do more of what makes you happy – really appealed to us and felt like a positive one for the kids to grow up reading too.

Next I think we wanted something a bit more arty and colourful and I was immediately drawn to the pinks in this Abstract No.1 print, which I thought would contrast well with the green (it’s one of my favourite colour combinations). And to add some variety we then picked a few more smaller prints that summed up our personality. The moustache one reminds me of Greig for some reason and I love the world map as a small reminder to do more of what we love i.e. travelling! It’s available in different metallic effects so naturally when I saw the copper version I was sold.To be honest I could have gone on forever, dallying over choices (I love the Kate Moss with moustache finger photo but it’s a popular choice and we wanted something that wouldn’t date too quickly). There are so many cool prints and pictures on the Desenio site that I’m still hankering for though, so I think I might have to buy a few more, maybe for the kitchen or the kids’ bedrooms.If you fancy creating or adding to your own gallery wall, Desenio is one of the best providers in my opinion, offering a great choice and quality of product at an affordable price and the service was good too (our prints arrived, well packaged, within a week of ordering).

And if you do decide to go for it, help yourself to my special reader discount code KATGOTTHECREAM to gain 25% off your order but hurry as it’s only available to use over the next 3 days from 11-13th July (so you haven’t got long!). This code is not valid on Handpicked / Frames.



Disclosure: We were gifted our choice of prints/frames for the purposes of review. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog.



Kathryn //

I’ll try and photograph the finished room and share soon (unless everyone is sick of it by then!?). Thanks xx

fritha //

I love how you’ve put these pieces together Kat, it’s a real skill to have an eye for the arrangement I think! Love the prints too of course, Desenio have such a great collection don’t they? I might have to use your code! x

Janey //

Love the green. Hope you dont mind me saying but I miss your old style of posts. They used to be more homely and “real”. I still enjoy reading your blog, please dont get me wrong but it used to be more about “you” and your life.

Kathryn //

Hi Janey. Thanks for your honest comment and I don’t mind at all, it’s good to hear feedback as sometimes blogging can be like talking into a black hole and you’re not sure what people really think.

I’m aware that I have been sharing less personal stuff, especially in terms of my family, on the blog as I just didn’t feel as comfortable with that anymore.

I guess I also wanted to bring the blog back to me and my interests rather than it being a family/parenting blog as that’s not why I started it originally – it was meant to be my own personal outlet.

But I appreciate that I don’t open up as much as I used to (loss of confidence / fear of being judged / feeling a little exposed and vulnerable / general trolling etc) but I know sharing is half the point of blogging isn’t it?

Maybe I should write a proper blog post about this!? 😉

Anyway thanks for sticking with me this long!

K x

Candy Pop //

What a stunning gallery wall! I love all the prints you’ve chosen – especially the abstract one. Really inspirational! xx

Colorninterior //

Really it is great idea of decorating wall with abstract artwork, the green color on the wall is looking beautiful with frames complementing it.


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