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So I know copper was a big trend this time last year (hey I don’t like to jump on a bandwagon too quickly you know) but it shows no sign of going anywhere for a while yet. Since we took the plunge with a couple of copper pieces in our new lounge, I’m definitely on board with it now. Copper just looks so good against a grey or monochrome background (whether that’s your interiors or wardrobe) and is a great way to warm up these drab January days.


The copper floor lamp (c/o Furniture Village) garners lots of compliments and is probably the most ‘statement’ piece in the lounge, which makes the room feel that little bit more special and complete. Yet I don’t think it overpowers the rest of the space or feels too much (well I hope not). It just adds a bit of warmth, shine (and wow factor) which I love. It’s still available to buy if you’re interested (and is on offer by the way – check out the range here).

Anyway, suffice to say it’s turned me on to all things copper (finally). A scan of the inter webs confirms that a lot of other people are too and I’m still seeing so many nice things available in this effect, in a really wide price range. So, you can buy into the trend affordably with a couple of bits or maybe go a little larger if you’re a big fan of the copper thing. And I like the way copper has moved over from interiors and infiltrated more fashion and lifestyle products too, giving a nice alternative to silver and gold that I think will still work well into spring and summer months. But if you’re more of a home girl, there’s plenty more where that came from too. copper-interiors


P.S. Do you think all those grannies with their bright copper kettle collections are laughing their heads of at us right now?



Candy Pop //

Copper feel – haha, brilliant! Copper addict over here too, Adrian bought me an amazing copper plant pot for Xmas, I’m so in love with it! xx

Beccy //

Oh my word, we used to have one of those copper kettles in our house which I think in fact belonged to a great-grandmother! Who would have thought I would love to have that now? Great collection of copper pieces – I love the clock.


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