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Wish List: Geek Chic

I make no apology for dressing like a nerd a lot of the time. After all, if the tweed cap fits, why not? So I’m always looking for new ways to sartorially channel my inner geek.
Personally, I think it’s *almost* warm enough for a tank top (as long as you still layer up). I have this very one from Woolovers in the green shade shown. It’s Merino and Cashmere mix is lovely and soft. At £27, it’s not a bad price for real wool (just don’t forget the mothballs) and it comes in loads of colours. Plus, I love a cable knit.
If you’re into Game of Thrones like me, you’ll probably be well ensconced in the new series just underway. Show your support to like-minded fans with this handmade, engraved wooden brooch by Kate Rowland. There are other designs to collect (yay!).
One day I might treat myself to a Diana F camera and try to improve my photography skills by going old school analogue. Digital is cheating really isn’t it? (Discuss).
But in the meantime, I’ll just indulge in more walks with a notebook. These loafers are only £12 from Barratts (and there’s a further 20% off everything at the moment). Again, there are lots of lovely colours available so you could buy an extra pair for your (invisible) friend!


Fashion wish list: work, rest, play

Clothes-fancying is a pleasant pastime and while these outfits may never make it into my wardrobe, I can wish. It’s also nearly Spring (so they say, but it’s still nithering round these parts) and as such I’m thinking of having a closet clean out soon.
Apparently now is the perfect time to take a good, hard look at all your clobber and decide what you can ditch, donate or do without. I might even have one of those blog / Instagram style jumble sales if I can be organised enough to take some photos.
Once you’ve had a good sort out it’s a lot easier to see what you have and how it all works together. It’s time I got rid of some maternity clothes too (that ship has surely sailed now). And that means I might just have space for one or two *key* items….

This blouse from White Stuff is just the sort of thing I’d love to wear if I still worked in an office. In fact, I might just get it in the hope that it’s wonderfully organised and slightly nerdy paperclip print will make me a more efficient freelancer when I’m working from home. Definitely one for stationery lovers.

My ceaseless search for the perfect pair of dungarees continues – such is my desire to look like a member of Dexys Midnight Runners. No I can’t explain it either but I really want some. They would look great over all my tops and how useful would that extra pocket be? Very, I’m sure. I love the pale blue colour of this pair from The White Pepper (a label I recently discovered and now adore!).

A bow is for life, not just for Christmas and I’ll admit it, this is what first attracted me to this dress. But on closer inspection, the print also sports a lovely bit of gingham, which is another of my long-standing obsessions. This dress, by Trollied Dolly (great name) is just one of many very cute frocks from this vintage-inspired label.


Lovely books

I have a growing wishlist of lovely books I want to get my paws on. And, well, Mother’s day is just around the corner…
What could be better than doodling your own outfits?
Note to the Mister: this is the one I really want.
I can get my regular fix of Tiff’s peachy world from her beautiful blog but a book is something else (and it has rounded corners).
I’m going to buy this for my five year old Charlie (who, like me, loves to colour in) but really it’s for me!
Do I need another craft book? No. Do I still want it though? Of course!
I love Lisa Stickley’s homewares and I think I’d love this book too.
I would have adored this book when I was little – hell, I’d like it now! Might buy a copy for my niece and treat myself at the same time.
Better stop there. The list could go on and on. But hey, hit me with your favourites, while I’m in the mood. 
What’s on your book wishlist?


On my radar

How do you keep track of your wishes, wants, desires and needs? It could be as practical as writing down a Christmas shopping list or chalking up essentials on your kitchen blackboard. A lot of us now use the magic of Pinterest to form a scrapbook of our must-haves or mood boards to keep our pipedreams afloat. And of course, well, blogs. They are an endless source of inspiration to me and most of you I reckon. 
So rather than stumbling haphazardly around the shops or getting rather waylaid on the interweb, I’ve decided to start my own little clipboard of ideas right here. And it shall be named: On my Radar! 
I hope both you and I find it useful in some way. This is what I’m currently ‘keeping my eye out’ for:
Some wrist warmers! My hands get really cold, even at home when I’m working, so a pair of these will keep me warm and allow me to type. While we’re at it, I like this mannish trousers and short-sleeved top combo. Repeat after me: layering, layering, layering.
I have stacks of magazines everywhere; by my bed, in the office, beside the bath so I’m after pretty, old-style magazine racks but not at a vintage price. I’m keeping a look out for old wooden ones in the charity shop that I could paint and do up cheaply.
When I saw this sheepskin coat in the Cath Kidston brochure my heart skipped a beat: stylish and warm and how many have I seen going chirpy cheap at the charity shop over the years? So I’m now scanning the rails for a nice one (that’s not at the jaw-dropping retail price of £500 ahem!)
I love cable knits and Arran style jumpers, both for me and the kids. You can get some half decent ones on the high street but instead I decided to buy some lovely olive green wool and asked my mum to knit me one. Can’t wait to see the result!
We have a space in our lounge that is just right for an old wooden bureau which could double as a desk for the laptop and storage for other bits and bobs. When I find one, I might even paint it like this one I saw recently.
What’s on your radar right now?