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Great Plains Autumn Winter fashion

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHave you thought about topping up your wardrobe with any new autumn/winter fashion buys yet? It’s tricky I know, when some days (like this weekend) have been quite warm and sunny. Consequently, I’m still plugging for crisp, cotton shirts, lighterweight trousers and no socks (while I can). And this little ensemble from Great Plains sums up what I love about this brand; classic staples and interesting prints that work around the clock. These trousers would go from office to night out easily and still look great with a chunky knit and trainers at the weekend.


Two new-to-me British brands

autumn-winter-accessoriesThe fact that I’m wearing sunglasses in these photos will predate them somewhat, but I’ve been trying out a couple of new-to-me accessories brands over the last few weeks and I have to say I think they’re pretty perfect for autumn. This Harlequin bag, handmade by Harriet Sanders and these metallic python pumps from Jemima Vine, are both helping me to embrace the new season, not just because of their muted shades but because they’re just so easy, comfortable and simply well made. And that’s the thing about autumn isn’t it – you want a bit of luxury, softness, comfort and pleasure when it comes to this time of year. Well especially at this time of year!


one pair of jeans, five ways

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANever let it be said that I’m not fond of a pair of printed trousers or even a pretty frock but I have to be honest friends – most days I live in my jeans like everyone else. They are the first thing I usually reach for, bleary-eyed, when I need to get dressed in a hurry to do the school-run and quite often my weekend go-to as well.

But that doesn’t mean we have to wear the same thing, day in, day out (although I have been known to do that as well sometimes). It’s always good to be set a little challenge, so when French fashion site La Redoute asked me to style up a pair of their jeans five ways, it felt like a good reminder to myself to think out of that denim box and work out some new ways to wear my jeans.


A whiter shade of pale

summer-outfit-denim-whiteOutfit details: Top: H&M / Jeans: M&S / Bangle: Greek holiday / Sandals: Salt-Water

Wearing white in summer…ground breaking I know! But for someone who is usually quite addicted to colour (especially in winter time), I’ve found myself reaching for more muted shades of late and yes even white (at least it tones in with my skin – ha!). I don’t know whether this is a temporary, easy-breezy, summer thing or if the simplicity of neutrals has finally conquered me but for now I’m enjoying it. Besides, I’m still pretty allied to my pastel pieces, mixed with denim or black and they seem to go so well with gold and silver jewellery at this time of year too.


A birthday lunch (+ pretending to be on holiday)

P1070424If I look quite mellow and chilled out in this photo it’s probably because I’d just shared a bottle of Prosecco with the mister over lunch, on what turned out to be the hottest day. Dressed in our summer threads, we were out celebrating Greig’s birthday and pretending, just for a couple of hours, that we were those two young, slightly louche individuals who met and fell in love before they had kids. However, keeping an eye on your watch for the school run keeps you in check!