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What Kat Did: Day tripper

Last night the mister and I hatched a plan to take a child free day trip together, just the two of us, so we could wander, carefree and hand-in-hand, like teenagers. So we went to Haworth, once home to the Bronte family and a real treat for anyone who likes a bit of old fashioned, windswept romance. I’ve been to Haworth before about ten years ago. I was inspired to go again after a reading a couple of beautiful posts on Haworth over at Mathilde heart Manech and Pink Bow  If you want to see some gorgeous photos of Haworth then feast your eyes on these posts.
But back to our day. The drive over the moors was breathtaking as always but the patches of purple heather were gorgeous. This was the scene whizzing by my window, so I couldn’t resist whipping out the camera.
Me and the mister didn’t take too many other snaps this time, we just wanted to saunter and soak up the atmosphere on a rare day alone together. We had a lovely leisurely lunch and wandered round the vintage and gift shops. I picked up some knitted woollen socks that are making me ache for Autumn, plus some bath bombs from Rose and Co, so I can look forward to wallowing in long hot baths.
We went to the Bronte parsonage and I had to chuckle when I saw Charlotte Bronte’s knitted woollen stockings on display – not that different from the ones I had just bought. We dawdled past the graveyard – so peaceful and comforting in the sunshine. We talked about days gone by, discussed which Bronte novel was our favourite – mine is Wuthering Heights by Emily, his is Jane Eyre by Charlotte. It was grand. Here’s my outfit for the day. I thought the weather might be a tad inclement so I wore my new coat, a hat and my trainers to tackle the cobbles.
Outfit: hat: car boot; coat: Paul Berman via charity shop; dress: Primark via charity shop; tights: Debenhams, new from charity shop; bag: Boden; shoes: Converse.