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The happy list #110


Technically it’s Blue Monday today, that point in January when we all really hit a low point and it’s supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Time for a Happy List then! These are a few of the blessings I’ve been counting over the last few weeks…


The Happy List #109


Yep, that’s a new Christmas tree decoration, right there. I always get a couple of new ones to add to the collection each year and this white bristle reindeer is from White Stuff. I’ve been working with the brand this Christmas to showcase some of my favourite buys and traditions. I’ll share the post as soon as it’s up. Here are few other bits of happy: 


The Happy List #108


Time for a catch up? I’m typing this in a London hotel room and will hopefully have finished it before the chambermaids kick me out. Why do my happy lists always seem to be written in a rush at the moment? I think I’m still trying to master the art of multi-tasking as well as making proper use of my lovely new MacBook, which was a gift from Greig. At least now I don’t feel like I’m wasting time on the train while travelling and can catch up on work stuff en route. Although I still love a bit of window-gazing when I’m on a train don’t you? Here are a few more recent happy moments: 


The Happy List #107

PicMonkey Collage3

This Happy List is a little overdue and I’m rushing to get it finished at half ten in the evening as I’m up and off to London tomorrow for a couple of days to cover a few press days – yep it’s that time of year again (y’know you love it really). Anyway, my frantic tappings on the keyboard should in no way lessen the fact that it’s been a great week or two, particularly as I celebrated my 40th birthday (thank the lord, she can stop wanging on about it now, I hear you mutter). 


The Happy List #106

PicMonkey Collage

Hi everyone, how has your week been? I’ll not lie, I’m struggling a bit at the moment. Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees and I have to keep a sense of perspective – about life, work, this blog etc. Often it’s easy to feel that we’re not good enough in various areas of our life, no matter how hard we try. And then I hear myself telling my kids that all I care about is that they tried their best. And it’s true. So let’s go easy on ourselves a bit, hey? We are all good enough! Here are a few things I’ve been enjoying lately.

When it comes to seeing wood for trees, I did enjoy a trip to the Grand Designs Live show last week (big thanks to AO for the invite) to soak up some interiors inspiration). It’s also reignited my love of that TV programme and I’m now watching all the re-runs.

Eating healthy. We’ve been trying to introduce more whole foods into our diet, including big salads and sides made with kale, pearl barley, omega 6 seed mix and bulgar wheat. It’s so easy to make a big bowl to keep in the fridge and add it to our lunch/dinner instead of the usual carbs.

Mulling over fabric swatches from Loaf. I am aware how much of a Stepford wife/desperate housewife that makes me sound but, as part of our lounge makeover, I’m getting some new scatter cushions and I had no idea that Loaf had so many colours and fabrics to choose from. So I’ve been lost in fifty shades of grey. Luckily they send you a little sachet of hot chocolate with your free swatches to help with the decision-making process. Love Loaf!

This FB post from Brene Brown about FOMO and how it affects us – must remember this more.

Collecting pretty yellow leaves for an autumnal craft project I’m working on (I’m sure people must have thought I was nuts).

This post about a scandi-style home in Palma de Mallorca, gave me double envy. Love the look and it made me want to head back to the warmth of Palma (was I really there just a month ago?).

Gathering new winter reads like a squirrel gathers nuts. I’ve just started The Taxidermist’s Daughter and have The Well and The Tea Planter’s Wife to follow up with.

Thinking about buying a ‘Jazzy Jacket’, thanks to this article on the ever brilliant The Pool.

Hope you have a good weekend friends and take it easy (especially on yourself).