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The happy list #2

Come in, sit down, slip your shoes off. We’ve made it to the end of another week. And. What. A. Week. While I’ve been feeling better (thank you very much), I’ve been playing nursemaid to my little girl, who’s had *that* sickness bug. 
But it’s never all bad, so I’ve written down another Happy List (could this be a regular blog feature I wonder?). Here are the little things, for which I’m thankful this week. After all, often it’s the small things that are really the big things (depending on which way round you’ve got your telescope).
Health. Seeing a usually bouncy toddler go downhill fast is always a reminder of how lucky we all are to have our health (she’s right as rain now, thankfully).
A belated birthday present from my lovely sis, which made me smile. Hil: you’re the one who’s super x
Making my first Christmas decoration of the year (paper chains from Homemaker magazine). Yep, I’m starting slowly!
Making the most of the briefest rays of sunshine. Fresh air and vitamins are our friends.
Writing thank you letters. I hate that feeling when you haven’t got around to thanking someone properly. It niggles me.

A trip to the cinema to see Bond. I can’t remember the last time me and the mister had a date. We felt like a couple of teenagers with our naughty drinks in a can.

*What are you thankful for this week?*


The Happy List

This week has been a funny old kettle of fish. I’ve been feeling a bit blue, for no real reason. Sometimes life is like that. You can be bobbing along merrily and then someone suddenly turns the music off and everything turns to grey scale (or is that just the weather?).
Anyway, inspired by one of my favourite bloggers Lisa (check out her regular feature 5 Positive Things To Do This Week ) I decided to write down at least one good thing each day, for which I should be thankful.
Here’s my happy list so far:
Day 1) Opening a parcel of beautiful baby clothes, passed on to me from the lovely Vicky
Day 2) Getting a bunch of surprise flowers from the mister (bless him, he’s a keeper).
Day 3) Discovering a newly-opened cafe in town (Yorkshire meets Scandinavia – yum) and treating myself to a cheeky lunch there.
Day 4) Receiving a lovely hand-written letter (on scented notepaper – mmm) from another equally lovely bloggy pal Molly.
Day 5) Being given a picture of aliens drawn by my six year old Charlie – how can I feel sad when they look so happy?
I’ve also managed to catch up with some local friends this week. I returned to my book club (after a baby break) and it was great to have a grown-up natter about all things Cathy & Heathcliff-related. Plus I had a visit from a brill friend yesterday who always brings the yummiest biscuits with her – thanks Katie xx
So, when you look at it like that, I had a pretty great week really. 
Keep smiling everyone!