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Easter at Harlow Carr Gardens

On Saturday, like most normal, rational people, we went in search of the Easter Bunny. It was surprisingly sunny even though there was still snow on the ground. I feel a bit sorry for all the crocuses that have been trying to poke their little heads through a layer of snow. There should have been a host of golden daffodils by now but it feels like Spring is still on hold.  Consequently there isn’t much colour in the parks or gardens round here. But we managed to find a bit anyway; partly by dressing brightly and also with the help of a few coloured walls!
Since I dyed my hair a light reddish brown colour (I have no idea what to call this shade), I’ve realised that a few of my wardrobe staples no longer seem to suit me. When I was blonde, I used to wear a lot of red but that doesn’t seem to work so well anymore so I’m predictably turning to green and blue and er, pink bizarrely. I rediscovered a pink vintage blouse that I hadn’t worn since before I was pregnant with Bea and teamed it with a new Jade coloured jumper I picked up recently. I don’t usually follow colour coding rules (I don’t match my eyeshadow to my clothes either) but I’d presumed pink would clash badly with my hair. Maybe it does, but I think I like it. Luckily all my blue stuff still ‘goes’ with my hair (my Breton top collection isn’t going anywhere!).
Outfit details:
Pink blouse: Mad Elizabeth (a great vintage shop in the Leeds Corn exchange that also sells online)
Jumper: H&M
Trousers: charity shop
Coat: White Stuff
Wellies: Clarks
By the way, that ‘ahoy there’ hand pose is not intentional – the sun really was in my eyes (YES, the sun!!!). Also, I love the fact that the mister dressed Flo in a bunny top for Easter, although when questioned he said it was purely accidental (men!).
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