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Feeling Finery (+ a daytime date)

p1200185-cropLast week Greig and I took a holiday (Madonna-style) so that we could have a little daytime date. We just had some food and went to the flicks but it felt like a nice chance to get dressed up in some new purchases I made from Finery recently. I picked up this sweater and skirt in the January sales (a good time to try out a new label without spending too much) and saved them for a special occasion such as this.


A birthday lunch (+ pretending to be on holiday)

P1070424If I look quite mellow and chilled out in this photo it’s probably because I’d just shared a bottle of Prosecco with the mister over lunch, on what turned out to be the hottest day. Dressed in our summer threads, we were out celebrating Greig’s birthday and pretending, just for a couple of hours, that we were those two young, slightly louche individuals who met and fell in love before they had kids. However, keeping an eye on your watch for the school run keeps you in check!


Review: Jamie’s Italian Harrogate

Over the weekend we took a family trip to our local Jamie’s Italian in Harrogate. It’s the second time we’ve visited with the 3 kiddos (and we’ve also had a grown-up, adults only meal here too). Every time we go, we always enjoy the experience and it’s good to know you’re in a family-friendly environment when you’re eating out, where kids are valued as much as the next customer. And while Jamie’s is a branded chain with branches now nationwide, I love the way each one has been given a really bespoke feel with an individual interior design that’s special to each venue. Harrogate is a great example as you’ll see from some of the original artwork on both levels of the restaurant and the outdoor terrace (although I have to say the Leeds branch also has the most stunning floor and ceiling!).
photo 5 (2)



Bettys cookery school harrogateThe other day I was kindly invited along to the Betty’s cookery school, based here in Harrogate where we live. That in itself would have been worthy of a little happy dance but I had the added pleasure of watching a demonstration by non other than Nancy Birtwhistle, the winner of this year’s Great British Bake Off. My mum thought I was very jammy, I can tell you!

I am a big fan of Betty’s and Bake off, and clearly I’m not the only one as I joined an excited group waiting to meet the special guest. Meanwhile, the most delicious canapes made on the premises were served, including an amazing cup of cauliflour soup with truffle oil (of which I could have eaten a whole bowl).


Friday I’m in love + an outfit

I appreciate that post title is a little confusing for a Tuesday.  Also, do you now have that song by the Cure in your head, as I do? – you’re welcome!

roof garden Florist shop HarrogateI love Fridays because Greig works from home and as I’ve recently mentioned we’ve begun a ritual of having lunch somewhere nice together (especially if we time it right and Bea is asleep). Fridays are when I get a little break. I don’t have to do the school run, I can have a slow morning and actually think about what I want to wear rather than shoving on the first thing that comes to hand. Last Friday, that happened to be my new cashmere sweater (which was an absolute bargain, reduced to £12). There is a lovely selection of affordable cashmere in TK Maxx at the moment by the way, including labels like Antoni & Alison and Gharani Strok – go, stock up!