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Reconnecting mind and body

photo 1-1Coincidentally, I had a couple of emails drop in my inbox this January, which were totally unconnected and yet exactly what I felt my burnt out mind, body and spirit was craving. Reflexology is something I’ve never really tried before but have always been fascinated by and yoga, well me and yoga have never really got on when I’ve tried it in the past but all that has now changed.


Feeling Finery (+ a daytime date)

p1200185-cropLast week Greig and I took a holiday (Madonna-style) so that we could have a little daytime date. We just had some food and went to the flicks but it felt like a nice chance to get dressed up in some new purchases I made from Finery recently. I picked up this sweater and skirt in the January sales (a good time to try out a new label without spending too much) and saved them for a special occasion such as this.


A birthday lunch (+ pretending to be on holiday)

P1070424If I look quite mellow and chilled out in this photo it’s probably because I’d just shared a bottle of Prosecco with the mister over lunch, on what turned out to be the hottest day. Dressed in our summer threads, we were out celebrating Greig’s birthday and pretending, just for a couple of hours, that we were those two young, slightly louche individuals who met and fell in love before they had kids. However, keeping an eye on your watch for the school run keeps you in check!