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Desk refresh

desk-makeoverYou could say that a tidy desk is a sign of a tidy mind (or is that tiny mind, I’m never sure?). I’ve always been a bit of a clutter bug and even when I had an office job I secretly prided myself on having a ‘busy’ (read messy) desk. Needless to say that when I started working from home a few years ago and no longer had to even pay lip service to the idea of keeping my desk tidy for the sake of my boss/fellow employees, this habit strayed into the realms of slovenliness. When this sluttishness reached new heights in the run up to Christmas (the busiest time of year, in my defence) I decided one grey January morning to give this room an overhaul. What started as a general tidy up, escalated into a spring clean, which soon became a bit of a workspace makeover. 


What I read in 2015

2015-booksWhat’s the current state of your bedside stack? If you’re anything like me you don’t mind a dust-gathering pile of reading matter beside the bed. It’s comforting, promising; a pleasing work-in-progress. At the moment, I’m stuck into the new Coco Chanel biography (with a fictional side of new bestseller Versions of Us). I find I get a lot more reading done during these darker winter months. Predictably, it’s when I tend to turn more inward and find solace in the pages of somebody else. So in the interests of sharing, I thought I’d list the books I read in 2015 and what I thought of them.


Lounge refresh (+ before & after video)

lounge-makeover-before-afterA while back now I started planning a little lounge makeover, which I discussed in this post. In the photo above you can see how things used to look. I wanted to give our old faithful sofa a new lease of life and replace a few bits of furniture to freshen things up in time for Christmas. As is customary, I of course immediately started pinning to a new inspiration board so I could gather some ideas together (I love me a project).


Here’s another snap taken before the makeover. As you can see, we didn’t need to do any major redecoration but I felt the furniture wasn’t really working in there plus I wanted a more modern and coordinated look and less of a tired-looking hotch-potch of accessories. I blame Pinterest again entirely, it doesn’t half you give you ideas! So, ready for the big reveal? There’s lots more photos plus a before & after video I filmed too, after the jump (sorry to be a tease but it’s quite picture heavy)!


Healthy eating


Have we reached that point where it’s acceptable to have a mince pie for breakfast yet? Seriously, I have been known to do this in the past (and they are technically fruit-based). I don’t believe in holding back at Christmas, it’s definitely a time for indulgence but I also feel like I’ve ‘earned’ that general scoff-fest more if I’ve tried to eat fairly healthily in the run up. It’s really hard during the cold, dark days of winter when you just want carbs, sugar, fat and more carbs. But I’ve been trying something recently that’s helped to get my mornings off to a better start.