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desk-makeoverYou could say that a tidy desk is a sign of a tidy mind (or is that tiny mind, I’m never sure?). I’ve always been a bit of a clutter bug and even when I had an office job I secretly prided myself on having a ‘busy’ (read messy) desk. Needless to say that when I started working from home a few years ago and no longer had to even pay lip service to the idea of keeping my desk tidy for the sake of my boss/fellow employees, this habit strayed into the realms of slovenliness. When this sluttishness reached new heights in the run up to Christmas (the busiest time of year, in my defence) I decided one grey January morning to give this room an overhaul. What started as a general tidy up, escalated into a spring clean, which soon became a bit of a workspace makeover. 

To gain the full effect of this transformation I should really have photographed things when they were at their worst but as I said, I hadnt intended this to be a blog post in the making (just a disgruntled, resentful clean up as a way to avoid doing my tax return). But to get an idea of what my office used to look like (and how much detritus I had in there) take a look at this office room tour post from a few years ago.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs you can see I was a slave to my children’s artwork. I still am if truth be told, but I packed away my favourites into a memory box and kept a couple of recent doodles washi-taped to the side of my bookcase, out of view. Immediately my desk area felt a little cleaner, calmer and I felt like I’d regained a bit of my own space. After all, we have children’s photos and pictures all over the house, why shouldn’t my office be more of a place for me?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow that I have my new beloved macbook, I feel like my desk should be a bit more minimal anyway, as befits a sleek, beautifully simple and well designed piece of kit. In short, my desk and I needed to get our shit together and January seemed like the perfect time to start.

So out went all the random bits of tat, souvenirs, business cards I don’t need and postcards I’ll never send. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a bit of inspiration and I’m all for a good mood board but I’m being ruthless these days. Instead of pasting all the things to my wall and overloading my eye line with distractions, I’ve started using this little clipboard, which can hold whichever print or image I’m loving most at the time.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJust to the right, I also have my new filing tray from ikea which keeps anything important to hand but most importantly not piled up in a heap, buried under crap. I also have my digital radio (I love a bit of Lauren Laverne and BBC 6 music in a morning) and my angle poise lamp. As for the dried hydrangea, yes they’re probably going to gather dust but they’re pretty and add a bit of gentle colour. I can’t be too minimal after all.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI still have my various shelves, cupboards and bookcases too, but these underwent a good clear out and now look a little more ordered. And just under my window (to get the best light) I have my instagram table, where I often arrange bits and bobs I want to photograph.

It’s still not perfect or zen-like in there. I still have samples and paraphernalia stashed in places (not to mention far too many cables/chargers under my desk) and it certainly hasn’t received the full Marie Kondo treatment. But my desk surface itself definitely feels like a nicer place to work. I no longer sit down and immediately feel stressed / guilty / mild self-loathing. So I suppose I’d better try and keep it that way.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What do you reckon?



Alice //

I love it! I’m also a fan of the minimal desk – some flowers, a nice candle (I’m love love love Twenty-One). Clean desk, clean mind 😉

Sue //

Oh yes love a dried hydrangea on my desk too, although as my desk is part of the living room it gets things dumped on all the time!! Need to cordon it off!!

Slummy single mummy //

I’m a big fan of a tidy desk. I’ve never really understood how people work with great piles of things around them – it would just stress me out. That said, at the moment my desk has on it a pack of manky cup a soups, three cups, a glass, an empty plastic bottle, an empty takeaway coffee cup and two hard boiled eggs, amongst other things…

Beccy //

Yes, love it, looks fantastic. Both my desk at work and home are complete dumping grounds – this has put me to shame!

Kathryn //

Sorry Jo, I only took photos of the desk. Will try to show the rest of the room at some point (it’s often quite messy though) xx

Mel Wiggins //

I reckon YES! You deserve a beautiful space to work and enjoy that. And you’re so right about preserving it without the trappings of kids drawings etc! It’s really lovely! X

Kathryn //

Thanks Mel, i think we all do even if it’s just a corner or a bedside table / dressing table – somewhere to make your own xx

Molly at Roost //

LOVE it! Unfortunately I have to share a huge desk with my husband who’s the clutter-bug in the relationship, so my desk isn’t as minimal as I’d like. Perhaps I should resurrect a screen down the middle so I can Marie Kondo my side and leave him to his mess on the other!

Adele @ Beautiful Tribe //

You do not want to see my desk. There is everything from balls of yarn to lip gloss to children’s socks on it currently! No wonder I struggle with productivity sometimes! Definite desk goals here!

Katie Albury //

Oh I love a desk re-vamp! How lovely and clean does your new space look…sadly my once designated blogging space in now covered in poo soaked baby clothes, (I will get off my butt and go and soak them once I’ve finished catching up on my blog reading!) dirty nappies and what not. That’s what happens when you put the changing table next to a desk! x


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