Half of Christmas is about getting the right pyjamas, no?

I might have only just started the festive planning but I’ve got the pyjamas so I’m half way there! Seriously though, a lovely new set of PJs for you, the kids or as a gift for a loved one – this is one of my favourite parts of Christmas. They are the one present you’re allowed to open ahead of the big day.  Getting into my pyjamas on an evening (or spending as much of the weekend in them if I can) is one of my great pleasures so times that over the festive period and we’re talking happy days. It all starts on Christmas Eve. When we’ve done any last minute food shopping, visiting relations to drop off gifts, and maybe even some carols and a nativity, it’s home to get snuggled up and watch a film. Sharman family favourites include The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Home Alone, Elf and the Muppets Christmas Carol. The PJs are on!

While it’s difficult to get the kids to bed at the best of times, Christmas Eve is even harder but the ritual setting out of a mince pie, glass of sherry and a carrot usually reminds them that Santa won’t be visiting if they’re not asleep. Greig and I will then probably be doing some last minute wrapping. We’ll usually buy something easy but delicious like a selection of party nibbles from M&S that we can pop in the oven. Well there’s enough cooking to be done the following day isn’t thereThe next day usually starts bright and early but I always insist that I’ve got a brew on the go and something to nibble at (usually croissants or some panettone) before any unwrapping can commence. The house is still a bit nippy at that time in the morning too so warm cosy brushed cotton pyjamas like these from Marks & Spencer and a pair of bed socks are a must. This stage can get a bit frenzied with three kids but I like to be able to see what everyone is opening and watch their reaction so I try to get them to slow down a bit and take it in turns. I like a leisurely start to Christmas day – why rush all the fun?

The cups are refilled, more cake or pastries are scoffed, the Christmas tunes are playing and the fire will be lit. We also keep back a few presents too so the kids don’t open them all in one go (are we mean?). But that way they can focus on new things and play while they still have something to look forward to later in the day. After lunch we let them open the remainder before settling down for a nap / board game / Wallace and Gromit / a new book etc.

By that time, I will have got dressed obviously (though my Christmas outfit always involves something elasticated) but you can bet that I’ll be itching to get back into my pyjamas as soon as possible. That feeling when all the entertaining / socialising is done, your PJs are back on and you’ve finished tidying up in time for a Xmas special or period drama on the telly box = magic!

So friends, whether you’re yet to start or have nearly finished your Christmas shopping (how, how?) I urge you to get kitted out with some new pyjamas – it’s not Christmas without them!

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Disclosure: This post is in collaboration with M&S 




Lucy //

Oh wow, Kat. Those PJ’s look super cosy. Your Christmas Eve sounds so lovely. I know what you mean about trying to get the kids to bed – hard when they’re so excited! Have a good run up to the big day X

Kathryn //

Thanks Lucy! I have been wearing these PJs all the time since it got cold. Couldn’t save them for xmas as they are just so soft and snug! x

mrs robinson //

Do like these pyjamas… Christmas Eve watching for us has to involve Prep and Landing. And Arthur Christmas has to be watched at some point!

Kathryn //

Thanks! We watched Arthur Christmas the other day. Technically I don’t allow xmas films until Dec but the kids were very keen! xx


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